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The pre-production model of the electric car VW ID. 3 has already been built more than 200 times

The electric car Volkswagen ID.3 was reserved over 10000 times within 24 hours

(11.06.2019) The 200 pre-production models of the electric car VW ID.3 were already built, from the end of 2019 to start the production of the production model.

Electric car VW ID.3. Source: VW AG
Electric car VW ID.3. Source: VW AG

The electric car VW ID.3 is experiencing a great demand, after which it has been reserved more than 10,000 times within a very short time, now the 200 pre-series models of the Stromer have been built.

In the VW plant in Zwickau Volkswagen wants to produce its electric cars in the future, currently the production site is rebuilt accordingly.

The conversion work should be completed by the end of 2020 at the latest, from then on mainly electric cars will be produced in Zwickau.

Then 1,500 vehicles are produced daily, in Zwickau Volkswagen also wants to manufacture the electric cars of its subsidiaries.

In Zwickau, 330,000 electric cars will be produced in the future

Dr. Herbert Diess (CEO of Volkswagen) said that the Zwickau site will serve as a model for the automotive industry in the future.

So says Dies:

"The automotive location Germany must, in my firm conviction, also play a pioneering role in electromobility. We are therefore consciously converting the Zwickau plant into the largest and most efficient e-car location in Europe. "

In Zwickau, the largest and most efficient production facility for electric cars in Europe is being built as part of the factory renovation. When the conversion work is completed, the site will have a production capacity of 330,000 electric cars per year.

But Volkswagen is not just rebuilding its plants, because its employees are also given intensive training on the topics of electromobility. At the same time, special courses are offered to simplify the transition from the previous burners to electric vehicles.

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Electric car VW ID.3. Source: VW AG

Electric car VW ID.3

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