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Mitsubishi has been offering a pure electric car since 2009, but technically the mini-car i-MiEV can no longer compete with current models. With the semi-electric variant of SUV Outlander, the Japanese sell for one of the most successful plug-in hybrid. Now there is new information on how the brand should go in terms of e-mobility.

In recent months, Mitsubishi has presented several studies of modern plug-in hybrid SUVs. Also possible new pure electric cars were introduced some time ago, but so far not brought into the series. Loud Autocar Mitsubishi reoriented SUV from 2020 onwards, an insider revealed.

As the Outlander gets longer, the crossover model ASX shrinks slightly, they say. The main reason for the changes is the position taken by Mitsubishi in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Group since 2016. The French-Japanese car alliance wants to increasingly use common platforms in the future.

SUVs will continue to be at the center of attention at Mitsubishi, the insider said. The plug-in hybrid drive will also play a key role in the future. The Outlander will Autocar further offered in the next generation as a combustor and part-time Stromer, the compact SUV Eclipse Cross is for the first time as a classic hybrid and plug-in hybrid with limited electric range at the dealers stand. For the next generation of the ASX Mitsubishi will provide a purely battery-powered variant.

The insider confirmed in the conversation Autocarthat Mitsubishi does not want to build independent electric cars. "Instead, we offer the right electrification option for our vehicles and let people decide how to use them," he said.

The SUV Engelberg Tourer presented at the Geneva Motor Show in April is, according to Mitsubishi, an outlook on the next generation of the E-Outlander with modernized technology. Whether and when the electric car study Mitsubishi eX presented in 2015 will go into production is still open. Also, the hatchback Mirage model could be electrified in the future. Mitsubishi should also think about introducing a new battery small car in individual markets.

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