Scania presents electric concept "NXT" for urban transport

Scania presents electric concept "NXT" for urban transport

The commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania has presented a self-propelled, battery electric concept vehicle for urban transport. The NXT load power unit can be designed to meet a wide variety of requirements: for example, it brings commuters to work in the morning and back home in the evening, delivers goods during the day and acts as a garbage disposal at night.

"Many cities are forced to change urban transport due to the need to reduce emissions and congestion," says Scania. The Volkswagen subsidiary sees technical and infrastructural progress in autonomous and electric vehicles as important trailblazers in the development towards a sustainable transport system in cities.

"NXT is a vision of the future for urban transport. Some of these technologies need further development. However, it was important to us to build a concept vehicle now that makes the realistically feasible ideas technically and visually tangible, "says Scania CEO Henrik Henriksson. The NXT should come in its current form at the earliest 2030 on the market, but has already available today "industry-leading functionalities".

According to Scania, the flow of goods in the cities is currently anything but optimal: goods would be delivered during the busiest time in the morning, even though most people are on the move. At night, when people sleep, commercial transport is largely banned from the cities. Henriksson: "At Scania we can not completely reinvent the transport system in the cities. But we can certainly inspire change, and that's exactly the idea behind NXT – to look at transport and vehicles differently and more sustainably. "

The front and rear drive modules can be mounted on the body of a bus, a distributor truck or a refuse collection vehicle in the NXT. The eight meter long bus is designed as a composite system, which significantly reduces the weight, according to the developers. The cylindrical battery cells are placed under the floor of the vehicle in otherwise unused space. The range of the vehicle with a weight of less than eight tons estimates Scania with modern batteries at 245 kilometers.

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