VW: premium manufacturer of e-cars "not the deciding player"


Volkswagen chief strategist Michael Jost spoke in an interview about the electric car offensive Wolfsburg. In addition to the already known key data of the ambitious project, the competition situation regarding the alternative drive type was also discussed. Volkswagen sees itself despite late start in the advantage.

Since May, the first model designed by VW as an electric car can be ordered from VW: the compact car ID.3. Several other pure Stromer are to follow, but on the roads they roll only in mid-2020th Other German manufacturers such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz already build modern electric cars in production, and industry pioneers such as Renault-Nissan or Tesla have firmly on the mass market in the sights.

When asked how Volkswagen assesses future competition, Jost said in an interview The press"When we talk about large volume manufacturers, we do not think so many. We see Toyota, which is about the size of ours worldwide. "At Mercedes and BMW, the question arises," how relevant are these for the breakthrough of e-mobility. " The two manufacturers would sell for the two million vehicles per year, the Volkswagen Group or Toyota over ten million.

"Premium manufacturers are important in emotionalising. They are not the deciding players for democratization, "said Jost. Looking at Tesla, who plans to launch his second volume car next year, he said, "We want to thank Elon Musk. He is one of the big drivers. That made it easier for us. "Without the Tesla boss," the resistance would certainly have been greater, "says Jost. "Because we have to be able to do what he can."

Another driver of Volkswagen's e-mobility plans Jost called the diesel affair. "The fact that we are now so consistently planning and expanding our electrical strategy is certainly also related to the pain caused by the diesel crisis," he said. The management decided in the face of the scandal over manipulated emissions in early 2016, "that we have to jump far," said Jost. One wants that the customer "also understands and is enthusiastic about what we do there".

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