Wagan Tech 9113 Relaxfusion Coccyx Cushion

Wagan Tech 9113 Relaxfusion Coccyx Cushion

Price: $31.04 - $21.49

RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion
Wagan’s RelaxFusion™ line focuses on premium comfort that is safe, relaxing, and supportive. Ergonomically shaped and built with the user in mind, the RelaxFusion™ line of comfort cushions with keep you cool and comfortable while your body thanks you. This cushion truly is a gem that you must try; once you do, you will never want to sit without one again.
Comfort and Cooling
Our RelaxFusion™ cushions feature a pillow soft memory foam base with a cooling gel-pod top that reduces heat build-up. This cushion is shaped so that it may fit in any number of places: on a bench, office chair, desk chair, wheelchair, or any place that you want cool, comfortable lumbar support. The RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion is designed to help alleviate aching backs and to help relieve pressure.
Many Uses
Whether you sit in an office chair all day, go to a baseball game, ride a train to and from work every day, carpool, or are at the park playing with the kids, this RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion will allow you to stay comfortably seated for a longer time. We have people that are wheel-chair bound rave about these cushions as do our elderly users. The memory foam base is soft yet supportive, and the gel-pods on the top keep your bottom cool and comfortable by reducing the heat build-up.
Ease of Use
Ok, we have established that the cushion is comfortable and safe for you and your family to use, but what about the cushion itself? The RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion is easy to use, just place it where you want and sit on it! The cover of the RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion is removable and made of a durable mesh that is machine washable. There is a breathable inner liner that helps to maintain the cooling transfer from gel pods. On top of the RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion, there is a handle built in to make carrying the cushion a breeze.
The RelaxFusion™ Coccyx Cushion is Phthalate-free. This means that the Cushion is safe for you to use and is not harmful to the environment. You may be asking yourself, what is a Phthalate and how do they affect me? Phthalates are a group of chemicals commonly called plasticizers that are used to soften plastic to make it flexible. According to the United States CPSC, the addition of these chemicals in products have been shown to be toxic to humans; that is the reason that they are banned in many food and baby items. Because our RelaxFusion™ line is meant to be used for considerable time periods, we made sure that they are safe for you and your family to use.

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