Guide: Rental cars on vacation: These tips you should know

Guide: Rental cars on vacation: These tips you should know

A rental car makes the holiday spa often perfect. Because with a mobile subset, the respective holiday country can be explored quickly, easily and flexibly. You do not need a bus or train timetable and can stay at the stops as long as you feel like. However, you should pay attention to a few things when booking, so there is no awakening. The ADAC car rental gives tips on how holidaymakers are on the safe side and do not fall into the cost trap.

1. Anyone who books his rental car in advance with a German landlord or intermediary, must not be on site by often incomprehensible contract conditions qulen.

2. A rental day is 24 hours: If you only cover this period by a few minutes, another full day will be charged.

3. Optimal, the tank control "full-to-full": pick up with a full tank and return with a full tank. As a result, can be partly overstimulated tank lump sum savings and tourists pay only the actually used fuel at normal gas station prices.

4. In order to be protected in case of accidents, we recommend a fully comprehensive insurance with theft protection without deductibles – the sum insured liability should be at least one million euros.

5. If unlimited mileage is not the case, holidaymakers are best advised in advance how many miles are likely to be driven – but on holiday, where you often go spontaneously, this is usually difficult. If you exceed the inclusive kilometer, you have to expect high costs per extra kilometer.

6. Extras such as child seats should definitely be booked in advance, in order not to be there without the desired equipment. But keep your eyes open: Thus, the first cheapest rental car provider by the zugebuchten extras suddenly more expensive.

7. For navigation devices charge the car rental providers often additional fees. Thanks to lost roaming fees in the EU, your own smartphone with free apps is now a real alternative – so you can save up to 100 euros a week.

8. At the end of the rental car booking, the total price should be shown with all insurance and fees.

9. If the desired car category is not available despite timely booking on site, the landlord usually offers a free upgrade to a higher category. However, if you accept this offer, you should reassure yourself that there will be no hidden costs for you.

10. When picking up the vehicle, care should be taken to ensure that it is prone. If these are not noted in the transfer protocol, the renter must insist that they be registered. And upon return, the renter should insist that the vehicle be checked in his presence for damage and the result recorded in writing.

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