Hyundai wants to sell technology for hydrogen electric cars


Hyundai is one of the few carmakers to focus on fuel cell electric cars as well. The type of drive used to generate energy for electric motors with hydrogen has recently been pushed aside by many manufacturers in favor of battery power systems. Hyundai calls on the industry not to drop hydrogen technology.

The Koreans are currently building a fuel cell vehicle in series: the Nexo. The SUV comes with a tank filling to a range of 750 kilometers. To have the model in Germany at prices from 69,000 euros. The manufacturer does not yet make any money with the series – and therefore intends to sell the fuel cell drive system used to competitors in the future as well.

Hyundai offers the industry the purchase of complete fuel cell systems, not licenses to use the technology. "Licensing is difficult because there are too many sub-elements within the stack (in-line fuel cells) and the system that needs to be precisely controlled during production," said Hyundai Fuel Cell Manager Sae Hoon Kim in conversation with the Financial Times,

Hyundai, along with Toyota, is considered a leader in fuel cells for use in automobiles. In the next ten years, the company wants to invest six billion euros in the further development of hydrogen vehicles. At the same time, billions are being invested in purely battery-powered models.

The biggest obstacle for hydrogen-powered electric cars is the lack of infrastructure, the complexity of the technology and the high costs. An accident in Norway has also been causing some debate over the safety of alternative propulsion systems for several days. Experts assume that hydrogen will initially prevail in the commercial vehicle sector. In addition to Hyundai and Toyota but also about Audi, Mercedes or Opel work on appropriate solutions for cars.

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