New – What do people expect from autonomous driving?

New - What do people expect from autonomous driving?

Autonomous driving is no longer just a topic for automotive companies or suppliers. Self-driving cars are still a dream of the future, but they are getting louder and louder, especially for the potential customers. But how do motorists concretely imagine these vehicles, the so-called "robocabs"? What expectations or reservations do people have? These questions have been addressed by the acceptance study "Robocab".

The joint research team of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart in cooperation with the ISOE Institute for Social-Ecological Research in Frankfurt am Main has conducted surveys with a total of about 2,400 participants in Germany, China and the USA in combination with interviews performed by selected test persons.

"Whether a new mobility offer succeeds or does not depend on whether users find it attractive and the price is right – today, social acceptance is largely determined by whether the new technology meets sustainability criteria," says ISOE mobility researcher Konrad Gtz.

What do the results say? Respondents are very open-minded to the mobility concept of a robocab and are also interested and curious. "They expect a convenient and convenient mobility solution to get from A to B in an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe manner," says Maximilian Werner from Fraunhofer IAO.

Overall, acceptance in China was the highest, followed by the US and Germany. "In Germany, robocabs are still seen as a supplement to the currently used means of transport, in China, however, even as a substitute," said Werner. Interestingly, the respondents in the US and China would replace primarily classic taxi rides with a Robocab, in Germany, according to the statements even bus and tram could get a rival.

However, the expansion of the mobility service is not everything: For the respondents, above all the elimination of the search for a parking space, greater flexibility and permanent availability are the most convincing factors for the use of Robocabs.

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