Convertible: Topless through the summer

Convertible: Topless through the summer


In the summer driving in the convertible high season! A car, whose roof can be opened by flaps, but may also have its niches. What topless fans should look for, say ARAG experts.

Test the roof before driving
The unstable German summer is unfortunately often unpredictable. The sun is shining, then it is raining again. Bad, if the electric top refuses his service at this moment. Who only now in the manual looks for how it works without a motor makes his convertible under circumstances to the bathtub. Therefore, first, how the hood works mechanically! Even an emergency plane in the trunk can prevent the worst.

Traveling in a convertible
Convertible is fun! Especially, of course, if the weather plays along. However, if you want to go on vacation with the open car, you should think twice before. Convertibles are usually no spacious vehicles. Often the open top disappears in the boot. But if the luggage must be accommodated there, the roof remains necessarily closed. With a luggage rack attached to the outside of the body, you can create additional space. But beware: Certain convertibles have only very low payload. With older roadsters, these are often less than 250 kilograms. And who is traveling with valuables, should be extra careful and not leave this in the open car. Anyone who leaves a convertible with the top open for a long time is, according to information provided by the Federation of Insured (BdV), roughly negligent. But even a closed top often offers little protection against thieves.

Partial insurance only pays in case of theft
A quick cut with the knife or cutter, and already the convertible is open. The temptation is great for thieves. With a partial comprehensive insurance direct burglaries are insured and all the car related parts such as warning triangle, first aid kit and CD radio. On the seat left behind shopping, clothes or the portable sat nav but do not count. The rogue riot for all bel also still remains, the vehicle owner u. U. also sit on this damage.

The roof needs care
Whether burglary marks or wear – a roof is damaged, the replacement is often quite expensive. Especially with older convertibles, a repair helps. The hood should be folded to avoid chafing, never in heavily soiled condition. Particularly aggressive contaminants are bird droppings, tree resins and excretions of insects. They only leave no lasting traces if they are removed as quickly as possible with a damp sponge. The hood should always dry before it is folded. Otherwise, not only foxing, but also lasting wrinkling threaten, which may even affect the view through the back window. Old fabric and plastic tops are also prone to fading. In the supply trade there are Frbemittel. But beware: A consistent result can be achieved only with patience and with close attention to the operating instructions. By the way, convertible buyers do not have to accept that the soft top of the new car is leaking. You have the right to rectify and possibly reduce the purchase price or cancel the purchase contract.

In the convertible the whole year on the way
Folding roof convertibles (English: retractable hardtops) fold the roof usually in several segments in the trunk. They have a huge advantage over roadsters with a flexible soft top: Thanks to the tin roof, you can comfortably ride even in ice and snow. A solid hardtop can be bought as an accessory for almost all models. Rebuilt in time for autumn, the convertible is so winter-proof. However, the assembly is often not easy. Especially convertibles with soft top but suffer in winter, the spa remains when driving through mud and ice on the track.

Seasonal license plates
If the convertible is approved with a season license, you will not have to log in or out. On the license plate is engraved on the right, in which months the vehicles can be driven. Vehicle tax and insurance are then charged only after the approval months. Who leads out of season, risked according to ARAG experts, however, a criminal case for driving without insurance coverage under 6 compulsory insurance law. A monetary or in the worst case even a prison sentence can be the result. In addition, in the event of accidents, damage must be paid to one's own and, with appropriate liability, also to the foreign car itself. Parking on the street is off-season, however, taboo; a winter camp is the solution.

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