New – The mid-time journey: In September 1971 no IAA in Frankfurt

New - The mid-time journey: In September 1971 no IAA in Frankfurt


On January 25, 1971, the motor information service (mid) in the 20th year reported on the cancellation of the IAA in Frankfurt.

Are car salons still contemporary?

The decision of the German Association of the Automotive Industry to cancel the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA), which is scheduled for September, has not only caused a sensation in specialist circles. The "shop window of the world", anyway opened only once every two years in the Federal Republic, remains closed in 1971. The favorite child of the federal citizen does not pull hundreds of thousands to Frankfurt this year, does not threaten the traffic of the Main metropolis, does not guarantee new visitor records. The Frankfurt trade fair company is losing to the 2 million DM of demurrage, Frankfurt's gastronomy, the retail trade and the hotel industry many times more.

Despite all these losses, the German automotive industry has decided to take this step. It justifies it with economic arguments, which are plausible but nonetheless will not be accepted by the layman. The failure, which perhaps hits the accessories industry hardest, does not mean that the VDA wants to renounce all future representative automobile exhibitions in the Federal Republic. But the rotation is to be checked and perhaps a different rhythm than before, despite the fact that the foreign exhibitions for the time being maintain their one-year rotation. According to reports, the German car factories will also be holding onto their load, as is currently being demonstrated in Brussels and Amsterdam, and as Geneva, Turin and Paris will show.

The contradiction that the German exhibition is too expensive for German automobile factories and that can be displayed abroad but financially is explained by the bombastic style that has developed in Frankfurt. The big car factories are not guilty of that, even if they have already stepped to self-restraint in the last years of the exhibition. The foreign salons are much more modest and by the concentration on a large, coherent hall tract also clearer. Since they also have to be fed for export-technical reasons, the apparent contradiction becomes plausible.

Nevertheless, the fundamental question after the VDA step is whether we still need automobile exhibitions. Are you still up to date? In the past years they were premieres of an industry that started the summer business at the beginning of the year (Brussels – Amsterdam – Geneva) and in the autumn (Frankfurt / Main – Paris – Turin, with restrictions London) bridged the winter slack. In the meantime, novices are no longer being marketed by the companies after these salon focuses, but according to production or market conditions. A real world premiere at a salon has been a sensation in recent years – in almost all cases the cars had already been presented to the public through the press. This will increase even more than before and take the car salons the nimbus of novelties show all.

In their place, regional exhibitions could be organized in cooperation with the dealers, which are cheaper for the organizer and the companies and for an even larger number of interested parties than at a central mammoth show without traffic obstruction. In addition, the visibility would be better than at the especially over the weekends overflowing salons, which have no real meaningfulness due to the mass influx of visitors. Such regional exhibitions could soon outrank the salons as a much cheaper element of representation, even though the highlights of Geneva, Paris, Turin and ruby ​​stones are still being spruced up. The red pencil of the market strategists is also already pointed out for this and Frankfurt is perhaps only the wallet on the wall, the impetus that brings the stone of similar decrees rolling.

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