125 years ago: victory for Daimler-Motoren in Paris–Bordeaux–Paris

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A Triumph for vehicles with Daimler engine, the first car ends up mobile race in the modern sense, with a rating only after the travel time.

Around 125 years ago to start at 11. In June 1895, a total of 19 Automobiles and two motorcycles. About the order of the lot has decided. After the presentation, the Arc de Triomphe de l’étoile in Paris, this field travels to Versailles, where the timing begins and the participants will be sent starting at 12 o’clock at a distance of two minutes into the race. Exhausting 1.175 kilometres is a measure of the race track to Bordeaux and back to Porte Maillot in Paris. The daily newspaper “Le Petit Journal” organized a year earlier, the reliability of journey from Paris to Rouen, carried out the first automobile competition at all, accompanied the race with daily Reports.

As the first rider goes at 13. June 1895 Emile Levassor across the finish line. But his Panhard & Levassor with a Motor – “Système Daimler” has two seats, and the regulations prescribe, among other things, four seats. Levassor, is not empty: For his great performance he was awarded the second prize. He has overcome the distance in 48 hours and 42 minutes and an average speed of 24.1 km/h. So he is Rigoulot around five and a half hours faster at the finish than Louis with the start number 15 (Start in Versailles, on 11. June at 12:05 PM, arrival in Paris on 13. June, at 18:37). However, the vehicle has only two seats and will therefore be classified in the standings down.

The winner of the race will be declared Paul Koechlin (start number 16), of 59 hours and 48 minutes to 0:02 at the 14. June as the third fastest rider in Paris arrives. He is about to start two and a half days ago at 12:14 PM. His Prize Money: 35,000 Francs. Also Koechlins Peugeot is driven by a Motor under Daimler licence. So the successful history of this race is reminiscent of the great success of the Daimler technology a year earlier at the race, Paris–Rouen.

Overall, the balance sheet for the engine technology of German manufacturers in June 1895 very positive: Among the first eight cars in the target six car with a Daimler engine, as well as two vehicles of Benz & Cie. The Automobile Club de France organised a race Paris–Bordeaux–Paris is considered one of the precursors of 1906 for the first Time held a Large price of France, which is referred to 1967, officially known as the “Grand Prix de l’automobile Club de France”.

Images: Daimler AG

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