Corruption in the election of the supervisory board? BMW works council takes position

Corruption in the election of the supervisory board? BMW works council takes position


In the room are allegations that make stunned not only the BMW works council in Munich: According to various reports, the works council Uwe N. has bid money for votes in the upcoming election to the Supervisory Board. Specifically, the representative of the list "The free works councils – DfB" should have offered his potential revenue as a BMW Supervisory Board in order to secure votes from the group "Socialpeace".

The corruption allegations now have an official statement by the works council of the BMW AG, which urgently and in a sharp tone requires clarification:

"This behavior shakes us deeply. We strongly condemn such agreements. The works council in Munich has asked the company to thoroughly clarify this issue in legal terms. We would like to await the outcome of this investigation. We demand from the company a sound result and a clear opinion. It is clear that there must be comprehensive consequences if the allegations are confirmed. If it is determined that the allegations are fictitious, this would also have legal consequences. "

The works council also attaches importance to the statement that the majority grouping "Team IG Metall BMW" is not involved in the incident. 54 of the 63 Munich works council members belong to the "Team IG Metall BMW". All of the members of the Supervisory Board organized by IG Metall donate 90% of their income from this activity to the union-friendly Hans Böckler Foundation, thereby contributing, among other things, to financing scholarships for young people.

Supervisory board members from other groups such as "Socialpeace" or "DfB" can freely dispose of their income. The BMW works council has a clear opinion on a possible meeting with discussions about business in the sense of "money for votes": "If this meeting had taken place this is already a scandal on its own."

Manfred Schoch (Chairman of the Works Council at the Munich office): "In more than 30 years as a member of the Supervisory Board at BMW, I have never encountered such an event. I urge the company to take comprehensive steps to avert harm to the entire workforce. It must under no circumstances give the impression that such behavior would have a place with BMW. "

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