Erlkönig video shows electric SUV drifting in the snow

Erlkönig video shows electric SUV drifting in the snow


The dynamic side of the new BMW iNext comes into its own in a new Erlkönig video from Sweden. The video shows a prototype of the electric car announced for 2021 in the format of a BMW X5 during tests on an ice rink, which is located near the Arjeplog test center. It is obvious that the four-wheel drive of the iNext also enables oversteer and, at least in certain driving modes, a clearly rear-heavy force distribution is planned.

In any case, the BMW iNext has the necessary power for drifts and other sporty driving maneuvers on board. After all, despite all the weight, the luxury SUV should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than four seconds. Even more important to most customers is the promised range of up to 700 kilometers, because with so much purely electric action radius, one or the other skeptics will dare the step into electric mobility.

In addition to strong performance and long range, the BMW iNext is above all a carrier of future technology for the company. He should set new standards in both autonomous driving and networking. It is no coincidence that BMW also introduces techniques such as Natural Interaction using the example of an iNext. Just as in the case of i3 and i8, the insights and technologies from the development of iNext will gradually find their way into other series in the following years.

In the current annual report, Chairman of the Board of Management Harald Krüger expresses himself clearly on the abilities of the BMW iNext: "With vigor and a sense of proportion, we advance autonomous driving. The topic of security is an absolute priority for us here. 2021 comes our iNeXT, which combines several future technologies: futuristic interior, full networking and an electric range of up to 700 km. He gives the starting signal for highly automated driving. At the same time, we are testing autonomous driving in an urban environment with a fleet of 500 iNEXT vehicles. "

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