3 million times driving pleasure: BMW Motorrad anniversary in Berlin

3 million times driving pleasure: BMW Motorrad anniversary in Berlin


The history of BMW Motorrad in Berlin begins as early as 1949, and since then the brand has been inextricably linked with the capital. The first motorcycle parts for the main plant in Munich were built in 1969 and the first BMW motorcycle was built entirely in Berlin. From now on, 400 employees will be able to build up to 30 machines per day in pure manual work – and the importance of the factory is constantly increasing.

50 years later, employees of the BMW plant in Berlin can celebrate a special anniversary, because yesterday the three millionth motorcycle in the capital ran off the line. Just a look at the intervals between the anniversaries shows how much the work has developed: the first million was celebrated in 2001, 42 years after the start of production in Berlin. Only 10 years later, the plant celebrates the second million in 2011 – and now the million mark with an S 1000 RR falls for the third time.

Today, more than 130,000 motorcycles are built each year at the BMW plant in Berlin. For comparison: 16 years for the first 100,000 machines at the time! Today, however, 2,100 employees are busy, which is why up to 800 motorcycles per day can be built. Of course, the variety of 25 different models in 1959 was also out of the question.

Dr. Markus Schramm (Head of BMW Motorrad): "For half a century, the Einspurmobilität from Berlin has been inspiring our customers all over the world. We can be proud of that! "

Dr. Helmut Schramm (Head of BMW Plant Berlin): "On the occasion of the three millionth BMW Motorrad from Berlin production, I would like to thank you in particular for your work, your commitment and your personal commitment.
And as of today, three million BMW motorcycles have now left the assembly lines of the Berlin plant. Without question, we will continue the success story of BMW Motorrad and our factory. "

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