Police target driving fun preventers

Police target driving fun preventers


When the police pull out in BMW M Town, criminals get involved. In the most recent video from the imaginary yearning of all M-drivers, we see the M Town Police Department in action, as a serious danger for all motorists in the city was apparently discovered: A huge pothole threatens rims and landing gear and could deny many M-drivers Spank the day if not immediately tackled.

But it gets even worse: blame for the pothole is not about the last winter or heavy traffic, but a criminal gang of radical slow-mo who rob their vehicles with wooden beads seat covers and fluffy fabric covers on the steering wheel any dynamics.

The criminal association is not the only way to get the dynamic majority on the streets by provocative sedate driving, it also does not shy away from damaging the asphalt surface: with big potholes they want to salt the soup and minimize their enjoyment of driving.

Fortunately, dynamic drivers in BMW M Town can rely on the case being pursued with great urgency: when it comes to driving restrictions, the M Town Police Department does not understand the fun and takes the law to its fullestness against the criminals :

(Direct link to video for mobile users)

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