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The electric cars from Tesla get a longer range

Tesal lowers the prices of its electric cars by up to 25 percent


[27.04.2019] For more than a decade, Tesla's engineers have been obsessed with producing the most efficient electric cars in the world.

Electric car Tesla Motors logo IAA 2015
Electric car Tesla Motors logo IAA 2015

Through the efforts of engineers and Tesla's desire to install large battery packs in its Stromers, Tesla's electric cars continue to drive ahead of the other series Stromers on the market. On April 23, Tesla announced in a press release that some changes are being made to its Model S and Model X electric cars.

So the range is to be further increased without increasing the battery capacity.

Since Tuesday (April 23, 2019) comes in the vehicles Model S and Model X a new powertrain design is used, which increases the Reichweie the corresponding electric cars.
For example, the new powertrain on a 100 kWh battery provides a range of 610 km (Model S) and 505 km (Model X) after the WLTP cycle. The engineers at Tesla have managed to increase the range by about ten percent.

The electric cars from Tesla also get a better air suspension system

The Electric Cars Model S and Model X also get a software update to improve the adaptive air suspension system.

The software update is intended to better adapt the air suspension system to both driving style and road conditions. With the new system, the car should be kept lower and the air resistance optimized. But also the electric motors have been revised, as well as an improved cooling system, new bearings, modified gear design and better lubrication is used, which should further improve the efficiency of Stromer.

Further improvements in the electric car Model S and Model X.

  1. More efficient design:
    All Model S and X now benefit from Tesla's latest generation drive technology, which combines an optimized permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, silicon carbide power electronics, and improved lubrication, cooling, bearings, and gear designs to deliver greater than 93% efficiency. The coupling of a permanent magnet motor at the front with an induction motor at the rear provides unprecedented range and power at all times. The net effect is an improvement in range by more than 10%, with efficiency gains in both directions as the energy flows out of the battery during acceleration and flows back into the battery through regenerative braking. In addition to extending the range, power and torque increase significantly across all Model S and Model X variants, which improves the times for our Long Range and Standard Range models by 0-60 mph.
  2. Faster loading
    Together with the new, more efficient powertrain design, the Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars are now capable of delivering 200 kW in V3 compressors and 145 kW in V2 compressors. Together, these enhancements enable customers to charge their electric car up to 50% faster.
  3. Fully adaptive suspension
    Tesla has also equipped the air suspension system for the Tesla Model X and Model S electric car with fully adaptive damping that gives it an ultra-muted ride on the highway or with the autopilot, delivering responsive, heady self-confidence in dynamic driving. Unlike other manufacturers, the suspension software is developed entirely by Tesla itself, using a predictive model to predict how to adjust damping based on road, speed, and other vehicle and driver data.
    The system constantly adjusts itself by capturing the road and adjusting it to the driver's behavior, automatically softens to allow for greater road entry and tightens for aggressive driving. Tesla has also improved the leveling of the system while driving, to keep the car low and to optimize aerodynamic drag. As with all of Tesla's proprietary software, adaptive suspension can receive over-the-air updates, allowing Tesla to provide all Model S and Model X customers with state-of-the-art spring technology at all times.
  4. Continuous development
    To supplement these changes, Tesla has also reworked several other components of the Model S and Model X, in line with Tesla's philosophy of continuous improvement. These changes include new wheel bearings and a few new tire designs for specific variants to improve range, handling and steering. Although these changes may seem trivial, together they have a significant impact on electric car design

In addition to the long range and performance variant, Tesla is now reintroducing variants of the Model S and Model X with a lower entry price by offering the Standard Range option again.

Recently, Tesla had taken the standard version of the two electric cars from the program, now start the low-priced variants priced from 85,300 (Model X) and 81,500 euros (Model S).

Customers who already own an electric car Model S or Model X and purchase the new performance version of one of the two vehicles will receive the so-called Ludicrous Mode for free.
This "madness" mode provides for a 20 percent increase in acceleration, but the surcharge is around 10,000 euros.

Via: Tesla

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