We reveal the next design details of the F40

We reveal the next design details of the F40


The camouflage workshop of the BMW Group is usually a place that hardly anyone can enter. And when a car leaves this hall, all the secret details are at least hidden under a slide – but a few days ago everything was different. In an exclusive round we were allowed to participate as part of an automotive striptease to unmask the new BMW 1 Series F40 piece by piece and thus to unravel one or the other secret.

Before we show all photos on May 27 and reveal all the information about the technology, there are now some previously unknown design details. After a few days ago the first photos of the M135i were leaked, the focus was from our point of view on the less sharply drawn Sport Line: Especially the new double kidney with its vertical struts is interesting here, after all, the vast majority of the BMW 1 Series F40 Do not be on the M135i's exclusive mesh kidney.

Also we were allowed to reveal the headlights and large parts of the front apron, which in the case of the Sport Line, as expected, less aggressive than the provisional top model M135i. As our photos from the camouflage workshop show, the Sport Line sets as in its predecessor on black accents, which comes especially in combination with bright colors to advantage.

At the rear, under the camouflage film, a completely new lighting design is shown, which clearly differentiates the BMW 1 Series F40 from its predecessor. With a single light strip, the designers reinterpret the typical L shape, ensuring that the third 1 Series is clearly recognizable even in the dark as a representative of the current BMW range. Who drives behind the 1 Series, takes him especially wide thanks to the horizontal lines and the emphasized narrow drawn taillights true. Weaker motorized models like the one shown here 118i wear as before only one tailpipe on the left side.

Even in the interior, we were allowed to take a look and could even remove one or the other fabric for camouflage. Behind it hides as expected the iDrive ID7, which we already know from 3er & Co. The "Hey BMW" activatable voice input thus comes into the BMW 1 Series F40 as well as all the other advantages of the latest infotainment system of the BMW Group.

It is also striking that all identifiable materials are identical to the BMW 3 Series G20 and thus clearly higher quality than in the previous 1 Series. Obviously, the developers have no interest in criticism for interior materials and processing and prefer to play it safe with the state of the current premium middle class.

Since we have continued the exclusive detoxification of the BMW 1 Series F40 after the photos shown here and finally the third generation of the compact class was completely revealed before us, we can already say with certainty: It is worth the 27th May in the thick Calendar to mark. Although many exterior details are already known, the interior definitely holds one or two surprises in store.

Of course, then photos are published, showing the 1 Series in its natural environment – ie on winding country roads and in the city. But because design is not everything with a BMW and driving behavior continues to be one of the key selling points, a reference to our BMW 1 Series F40 Preliminary Driving Report should not be missing here. In addition, project manager Holger Stauch revealed some technical information in an interview.

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