"Explosion" at hydrogen filling station in Norway



In Norway, there was a "incident" with fire development at a gas station for hydrogen electric cars on Monday, according to the operator. Media report an explosion. Pictures in the net show the area of ​​the station "Kjørbo" near the capital Oslo, which is surrounded by screens.

The operator of the hydrogen filling station Nel Hydrogen stated in a first statement that the cause of the incident was still unknown. Work with partners and the relevant authorities to clarify. The situation is under control and there is no danger. Nel has reportedly closed ten more hydrogen stations, including sites in Denmark and other countries.

Toyota and Hyundai, both pioneers in hydrogen-powered cars, said they were pausing to sell alternative-drive vehicles in Norway. A Toyota spokesman stressed that the reason for the accident was open. "That does not change our opinion of hydrogen, and it's important to point out that hydrogen cars are at least as safe as traditional cars. The hydrogen tanks themselves are so sturdy that you can shoot at them with a pistol. " Hyundai commented similarly.

Similar incidents like those in Norway are unknown to the company, the Toyota spokesman continues. He was confident that the manufacturer would resume the sale of hydrogen electric cars soon. Big financial losses do not threaten Toyota: Of the currently only hydrogen model of the Japanese, the sedan Mirai, were in Norway this year loud so far only seven copies sold. The target for 2019 is 20 more sales.

As in Norway, as in most countries, there are still few hydrogen filling stations available, Toyota offers buyers of appropriately powered Stromer vehicles with internal combustion engines. Due to the failure of the station Kjørbo they currently have no way to refuel their vehicle in the region.

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