BMW increases worldwide sales in May 2019

BMW increases worldwide sales in May 2019


In spite of the difficult environment, the BMW Group was able to increase its worldwide sales in May 2019 relatively significantly. The core brand BMW, in particular, is bucking the trend in the premium segment with a plus of 4.6 percent and a total of 181,888 units, which is currently pointing to the downside. The success of the core brand also pushed sales of the BMW Group into positive territory, even though MINI sales figures were 5.1 percent down on the previous year.

Since the beginning of the year, sales of BMW have been 1.6 percent higher than in the same period of the previous year, with the BMW Group posting an increase of 0.8 percent, breaking the million mark after just five months. In addition to 872,367 BMW and 137,698 MINI also contribute to 2,028 Rolls-Royce, in which both the new Phantom and the successful SUV Cullinan have a large share.

Sales drivers at BMW were mainly the X-models: The worldwide sales of the X5 grew in May by 10.2 percent, the X2 even increased by 33.1 percent, the X3 tops this value again with an increase of 88.4 percent clearly and the X4 even account for +92.5 percent. Growth across all X models in May 2019 is 30.3 percent. With a total of 82,425 units, they account for 45.3 percent of BMW sales.

The basis of BMW's success is its continued strong performance in China: 60,903 units represent an impressive 32.8 percent increase in the company's largest single market. Despite a significant increase in Germany, China has once again managed to stand for more units than the following markets, Germany and the US together.

Pieter Nota (Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales): "This positive sales result clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our model offensive. In May, we again increased sales more than the market trend and gained further market share. Particularly pleasing is the development of our new X models with an increase in sales of more than 30% in May. Sales of the i3 also continue to rise against the usual cycle and rose by 40% in the month under review. This marks an important milestone for us in May: we were able to deliver the 400,000th electrified vehicle since the introduction of the i3 in November 2013. "

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