Fahrbericht Electric, automated, networked: the new VW Passat

Fahrbericht Electric, automated, networked: the new VW Passat


Over 30 million customers can not shirk. The VW Passat is the most successful mid-size vehicle in the world. Now the Wolfsburg have rigged him and the Passat is on request temporarily to the electric car, he is partially automated on the road and on request online. That will appeal to the younger generation. But even for the "Best Ager" VW has the Passat the right vehicle in the portfolio. In September 2019, the sedan and the Variant comes on the German market.

A novelty in the program is the Passat GTE. This is a stand-alone model version. It is the first model of a new generation of VW plug-in hybrid models with a much wider range according to the manufacturer. Visually recognizable on specially designed for the hybrid version 17-inch alloy wheels (type "Montpellier"), there are trapezoidal panels for the exhaust system and in the area of ​​the A-Sule is the words "GTE".

Inside, the pilot receives a 3-zone air conditioning "Air Care Climatronic", comfortable blue-colored fabric seats – as you're used to from VW – with an excellent lateral support and a subtly perforated leather steering wheel. No hard plastic impression, but a fine feel. In the rear, three people are lodged on the long journey, legroom and enough space for five travelers are standard on the Passat. There is also something on the ears: The Danish hi-fi specialist Dynaudio has a 700-watt sound system very elaborately adapted to the interior of the new Wolfsburg.

During our first test drive, the instructor tells us that the battery only weighs about 130 kilograms. Charging takes about 5 hours on a conventional household socket. For the commuter, who does not have a long way to the job, a real alternative. Charged overnight, the purely electric range is up to 55 kilometers on the Variant and 56 kilometers on the sedan. These values ​​are based on the new WLTP cycle, with 13 kWh of stored energy, VW has managed to tickle out 20 kilometers more electrically than the previous Passat.

The test car starts with sufficiently charged lithium-ion battery in "E-mode". The high-voltage battery of the Passat GTE and the Passat GTE Variant can be charged via the external power supply or while driving via the internal TSI engine and recuperation. In order to be able to drive specifically in the "E-Mode" at the end of a longer drive in the city, VW has reconfigured the operating modes of the hybrid system, thus simplifying the recharging of the battery while driving. Instead of five operating modes, there are only three: "E-mode" (purely electric driving), "GTE" (sporty driving with full system performance), "hybrid" (automatic change between E and TSI engine).

The automotive environment with the Passat GTE offers many possibilities. In giant cities like Berlin, according to the manufacturer, the greater energy content of the battery is sufficient to cope with most of the daily distances completely electrically and without emissions. On longer distances and above 130 km / h, the powerful electric motor supports the TSI petrol engine of the Passat GTE. The electric thrust acts like an additional booster, which offers a very special kind of power development, especially in the sporty mode "GTE", since electric motors deliver the maximum torque from one second to the other. One thing is certain: the Passat GTE plug-in hybrid drive is a key technology component for the new era of electromobility.

The Passat GTE aims to merge the benefits of electric drive and the qualities of a long-haul vehicle into one of the most efficient mid-range models of today. Zero emission in the city, clean efficiency on the long haul: The 160 kW / 218 hp Passat GTE is one of the first vehicles in its class to reach the limit values ​​of the Euro 6d emissions standard for new cars from 2021 onwards. In addition, the GTE example Germany – for company car drivers is economically attractive, since they must pay monthly only 0.5 instead of 1.0 percent of the gross new vehicle price.

VW brings the Passat with a new equipment structure on the market. The basic version will henceforth be called "Passat". This is followed by the average equipment level "Business". The top equipment bears the name "Elegance". "Business" and "Elegance" can also be ordered with an "R-Line" customization. Parallel to these versions, the new Passat will again be available as an independent "Alltrack" (four-wheel all-rounder with off-road capabilities).

The slogan "Volkswagen We" – open to new ideas – is very important to VW. With "Volkswagen We", the Wolfsburg have developed a digital platform to bundle mobile online services and very easy to offer and deliver. The offers are developed from an open system that is constantly evolving, according to the group. At this point, Volkswagen is consistently opening up to specialized partners and designing new services together with them. The individual "Volkswagen ID" is intended to give all customers of the brand central access to all Volkswagen Services.

The price for the Passat Estate GTE is 45,810 euros. Limited to 2,000 copies, the Variant R-Line Edition can be had from 62,830 euros. The Passat will retain its large fan base, hopefully it will continue to delight us after 2022. The VW Group is making great progress in the development of pure electric cars.

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