Rampage prohibited: properly secure children in the camper

Rampage prohibited: properly secure children in the camper


Wiesbaden, June 13, 2019. Climbing, playing or rumlmmeln: That's what kids would love to do when they drive in a camper. But they must be as secure in the camper as in the car. Everything else is too dangerous – and can also be expensive, warns the Infocenter R + V insurance.

Regulations like in the car
Also in the motorhome children must be strapped – and that on a corresponding child seat. For children under the age of twelve or a crater of 150 centimeters, the child seat is mandatory. In a Versto threaten in Germany Bugelder from 60 € and a point in the traffic file. "The child seat always belongs in a place where it can be securely fastened, for example with an Isofix device or a two- or three-point belt," says Rico Kretschmer, Head of Claims Management at R + V Versicherung. Places in the direction of travel are best for children. "If several children are riding, child seats in the camper can also be mounted on the back or side seats", explains R + V expert Kretschmer. "The bedroom and the living area are absolutely taboo while driving."

Abroad, stricter rules may apply. In order to experience no nasty surprises, RV holidaymakers should inquire in advance. Take Austria as an example: In the neighboring country children have to sit in a child seat even up to the age of 14.

Further tips from the R + V info center:
– In a ridden caravan, nobody should be in the car during the journey.
– Not all seats in motorhomes are approved for child seats. Especially for rental vehicles tourists should inquire in advance, if the camper has suitable seats.
– For example, if you are traveling in Australia, the USA or other long-haul destinations, you should rent a child seat on site as a precaution. These then fulfill the country-specific safety standards.

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