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Jamie Chadwick builds her championship lead in Misano with a win. Beitske Visser remains on her heels.

The field has not changed compared to Zolder. Emma KImilainen is still not in the car after her crash at the start in Hockenheim. Two reservists are at the start for this: Vivien Keszthelyi and Sarah Bovy and thus a field of 19 female drivers.

The third run of the women's series in Misano was again a duel between Jamie Chadwick and Beitske Visser. It was Liechtenstein's Fabienne Wohlwend, who was able to put her Tatuus on the pole in the qualifying session. Championship leader Chadwick took second place ahead of her first pursuer in the championship standings Beitske Visser. Behind them followed Alice Powell, Vicky Piria, Miki Koyama, Marta Garcia and Sarah Moore.

Chadwick in front of Visser

But Wohlwend, who has never been on the podium before, did not get off to a good start. Chadwick and Visser passed her. In Turn 1, Alice Powell also drove up to Liechtenstein and took off spectacularly. The first safety car was the result. In the rounds after the restart, the first three broke away from the rest of the field. Although Visser hung on the rear of the leader, but could not launch an attack.

Best of the rest was Vicky Piria, who came under pressure from behind and lost her position at the half of the race to the overtaking Japanese Miki Koyama.

The leadership trio remained in their positions. Wohlwend was able to keep up with the two previous riders less and less.

The race for the lead remained intense. Visser was always able to catch up with Chadwick in the final twisty last sector. However, the Briton had the better acceleration from the last corner and so Visser never really got into a position to try a maneuver. Thus, the two positions remained unchanged until the end of the thirty-minute run and Chadwick extended with their second WSeries victory the lead in the championship to 13 points.

The half of the season has been reached

Now that we have arrived at the half of the season, you can draw a first conclusion. The race patterns of the women's series are reminiscent of many other junior series. Of course with the big difference that in the WSeries each driver will undoubtedly get the same material and the same support, which is not the case in numerous junior formulas.

Nevertheless, a fairly clear pecking order crystallizes out. As expected before the season, top favorite Jamie Chadwick is in front. The only one the Briton can counter is Beitske Visser. And that she is riding for the title is rather surprising. Because the Dutchwoman sat between 2016 until the start of the WSerie in any formula car more and was in the meantime only in various GT4 categories at the start.

With a considerable distance behind, the rest of the field follows, for which it is probably only about the third championship course. Currently, Marta Garcia holds this place, but especially Powell and Wohlwend are hot on her heels.

The concept of the series already seems to be slowly working. Jamie Chadwick was introduced to Williams as a development driver in May. Whether she would have obtained this position without her media presence in the WSeries is doubtful. So the series already has something to show. After the season will then finally show what doors open up for the drivers.

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