Together for more safety on the road

Together for more safety on the road


For 14 years now, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) has been calling for a joint commitment to greater safety in road traffic. Since 2005, every third Saturday in June, this year on 15 June, addresses key issues of road safety – such as: For example, excessive speed, distance to the vehicle in front or alcohol at the wheel. The ARAG experts are also taking this day as an opportunity to promote more prudence on the road and have therefore collected some facts:

New HU policy
Since 20.05.2018 there has been an additional defect classification in the main inspection for motor vehicles. Instead of three categories, vehicles are now classified in four categories. With the new fourth category "Dangerous Mistakes", motorists once again have the chance to keep their test badge despite considerable shortcomings and to eliminate them. The examiner is given the opportunity to send a vehicle directly to the workshop without scraping off the badge.

The detailed menue list can be found here: HU-Mengelist

Run over red traffic light?
A red light distortion is not a trivial offense. Because of the safety of other road users, the penalties are tough – from Bugeld and points in Flensburg to the driving ban. Even imprisonment is possible. But there are also exceptions where you can even ignore a red traffic light. And: Not only the color red can be expensive at a traffic light. Even with the so-called yellow light distortion, there may be a Bugeld.

Here we have collected all the facts: red traffic light

Razer watch out!
According to the Federal Statistical Office Destatis, the number of road deaths in March of this year has fallen by almost nine percent compared to the previous year. But excessive speed is still one of the most common causes of accidents. That's why the ARAG experts appeal to all racers: Get off the gas!

What it costs to get caught with lead fives or how to defend oneself when wrongly flashed is gathered here: excessive speed

Drugs and drunk driving
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only dangerous for the driver and front passenger, but also for other road users. Therefore, it is not surprising that in addition to high fines and points also threatened driving license and imprisonment. When the driving license is withdrawn, often only the successful participation in the cost-intensive medical-psychological examination (MPU), in order to have a chance at all to drive again a motorized vehicle.

All other facts on the subject we have put together here: alcohol
Also read about a recent case that shows how long drugs can be detected in the blood: marijuana in the blood

Keep distance!
In addition to exceeding the speed, too short a distance to the vehicle in front belongs to the most frequent causes of accidents. As already learned in the driving school, the distance to the front of the next vehicle must be so great that you can stop even in the event of sudden braking by the driver in front of you.

All other facts on the subject we have put together here: rear-end collision

Our information about the legal driving requirement
If you drive a lot of freeways, you know the sight only too well: as soon as there are more than two lanes, motorists seem to develop a preference for the middle lane. No track is as busy as this one. It dominates in this country but the legal driving, right? Basically, yes, but the ARAG experts call a restriction and refer to the road traffic regulations: It says that the middle lane can be driven through durchgngig, if there are at least three lanes and now and then overtake a vehicle on the right lane is on the way (7 para. 3c). By the way: If at the same time a driver wants to switch to the middle lane from the left and the right, the car has the lead, which has a lead.

What else you should know: drive to the right!

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