EQC Rückruf: Probleme am Differential und Haltebolzen


For the new Mercedes-Benz EQC model of the series N 293 Mercedes-Benz recalls currently approximately 1.696 vehicles – there are 571 units in Germany. According to the information provided by the motor vehicle Federal office, is a limited shelf-life of the bolts in the differential transmission, which could allow the front wheels blocked. Parallel to this, the danger that the gear housing will be damaged and Oil may leak exists.

Limited durability of the bolts in the differential gear of the EQC

In the affected vehicles, the EQC from the production of the current year in Detail from February to October 2019 – trucks Mercedes-Benz as a precautionary measure, the electric powertrain on the front axle. The eATS is not affected, however, since the Problem is not limited purely to the Differential and remove the retaining bolt, as a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz, on enquiry by the insured. Therefore, it is not a Problem of the electric-drive and could also result in combustion variations of problems.

In the duration of necessary workshop stay, this should be in the range of approximately 8 hours, due to the replacement of the eATS. Affected holder of the vehicle be informed – how else – in writing.

Worldwide 1.696 EQC models affected

Due to the current limited production volume of the EQC presumably, the complete production of the EQC model of Mercedes-Benz is affected by the recall. Therefore, it can) probably only the Introduction version of the EQC model, as “Edition 1886,” to be (KBA reference number: 9397 manufacturer Code 0894001.

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