Neue Lackfarben für Kompaktmodelle – Entfall von Jupiterrot


Mercedes-Benz has extended the paint offers for the compact vehicles expected in the near future. So the CLA coupe receives optional iridium silver, the CLA Shooting Brake denim blue. Completely new designo patagonienrot metallic, which is taken for all A-class variants, CLA and B-class with to offer, however.

Optional: designo patagonienrot metallic

Where there is light, there is Mercedes-Benz but also usually a small shade: so the varnish in a nutshell Jupiter red for the A-class, B-class and the CLA and offers for these models, the surcharge designo patagonienrot metallic paint as a substitute. The CLA coupe receives optional iridium silver (775U), the CLA Shooting Brake can be – against a surcharge – also with denim blue (667U) ordered.

Interesting designo patagonienrot metallic by the way: – however, as a bright variant was being considered in 2014 for the first CLA coupe models, and came at the end of never-to-delivery, even if the press cars were the first (hand-painted). With designo patagonienrot metallic expanding the designo color palette.

Jupiter red paint finish eliminates

The sales release for the new liveries should be made on the 29.10.2019, the first deliveries of this then start from the beginning of December 2019.

Images (CLA shows old Jupiter red paint, the GLB shows designo patagonienrot metallic): Daimler AG

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