Mercedes-Benz setzt Absatzwachstum zum Auftakt des vierten Quartals fort


Mercedes-Benz sold in October worldwide 199.293 units, and thus the month of the previous year, which is at the same time been also the so far best-selling October, the brand with the star, to more than 9,000 passenger Cars surpassed (+4,9%). Most of the growth in October came from the new A-class sedan and the new GLC. Also, the C-class sedan and T-model were able to put in the last month, once again pulses in the paragraph. Deliveries of Mercedes-Benz since the start of the year were again increased: 1.924.536 vehicles sold with the star mean in total a Plus of 1.0%.

Since the beginning of the year, Mercedes-Benz maintained its market leadership in the premium segment in Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Canada and South Africa.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz, according to regions and markets

A total of 81.017 passenger Cars from Mercedes-Benz have been in October in the Region Europe delivered – more than ever in October of the same year (+1,3%). From January to October has increased in the Region of the heel of 0.6%. In The Core Market Germany were delivered in October 30.763 vehicles and a sales increase of 5.3% can be achieved. Thus, the paragraph is since the beginning of the year in Germany at 5.0%, significantly above the prior-year period. In Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark and Hungary were achieved in October, new record values in sales.

In the Region Asia-Pacific could Mercedes-Benz be reported in October, a new sale best value: With 80.312 units, deliveries rose by 10.9%. Important driver was also in October, the core market China: 57.142 passenger Cars Mercedes-Benz there in October (+13.8%) and 583.032 units from January to October (+5,8%). Two new maximum was reached in the core market of China values the paragraph. In South Korea, also so many Mercedes vehicles were delivered-Benz in a October before.

The paragraph in the Region NAFTA in October compared to the same month last year with 33.264 units, 1.5% up on the previous year’s level. Also in the core market USA exceeded sales from October 2018: a Total of 27.867 units were delivered (+1,2%). As in September, deliveries could be increased in Canada, also in October.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz models

The paragraph of the Compact car remains in both by October at record rates Since the beginning of the year more than 546.100 models of the A – and B-class, CLA coupe, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA were delivered (+9,8%). Also in the month of the deliveries in this Segment rose by 3.3%. In particular, A set-class sedan in the world major pulses. Also, sales of the new CLA coupé has become, among other things, with a double-digit growth in Europe, positive.

The deliveries of the C-class sedan and T-model rose in October, with 31,800 units worldwide by 6.5%. Since the beginning of the year, with sales more than 335.100 units also above the previous year’s level (+1,3%). The long version of the C-class sedan reached both in the past month, as well as from January to October, a new best value. Overall, the C-class is for over 10 years, the highest-volume model of Mercedes-Benz.

In the Segment of SUVs could be achieved for the month of October, a new best value: More than 69,500 units of GLA, GLC, GLC coupe, GLE, GLE coupe, GLS and the G-class corresponded to a sales increase of 2.2% in the previous month. The new GLC and GLC coupe, the GLE and the G-class have achieved a two-digit growth. The new GLC and GLC coupe will have recorded also a new record for deliveries in October.


By October of the smart brand in the world 96.245 vehicles were delivered (down 10.5%). In Germany, France and Austria, with sales since the beginning of the year, still well above the level of the previous year. In the current Generation of two – and four-door city car smart had in October in the Wake of the upcoming model of care, which was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in September for the first time, from Lifecycle effects, in combination with a very high year-on-year basis to the current paragraph development.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars at a Glance

October 2019 Variable. in % By October 2019 Variable. in %
Mercedes-Benz 199.293 +4,9 1.924.536 +1,0
smart 8.469 -24,4 96.245 -10,5
Mercedes-Benz Cars 207.762 +3,2 2.020.781 +0,4
Sales of Mercedes-Benz in the regions/markets
Europe 81.017 Of +1.3 773.550 +0,6
– Germany 30.763 +5,3 259.500 +5,0
Asia/Pacific 80.312 +To 10.9 811.591 +3,1
– of which China 57.142 +13,8 583.032 +5,8
NAFTA 33.264 +1,5 298.411 -2,1
– of which USA 27.867 +1,2 252.079 -0,3

Source: Daimler AG

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