Der Active Brake Assist 5 im Actros: Details zur Funktionsweise


The ABA 5, which is required as of January 2020 in all new Actros and Arocs in Europe is no longer only available as an optional extra, but where an emergency braking assistant in law – series is installed, is working for the first time with a combination of Radar and camera system. Compared to the 2016 presented ABA 4 the new System can react to people moving and not just a part, but up to a vehicle speed of 50 km/h to a full stop.

And so the ABA 5 works in Detail:

The ABA 5 System detects the danger of an accident with a vehicle, of a stationary obstacle, or a cross, oncoming in the same lane and the current or the shock of a sudden are constant Person, is first of all a visual and acoustic warning of the driver. The driver does not respond adequately, the System, in a second step, a partial braking with three meters per second – the equivalent of about 50 percent of the maximum braking performance. A collision threatens, nevertheless, the ABA 5 can run within the boundaries of the system, an automatic full braking. Finally, at still, the new electronic Parking brake automatically inserted.

Like its predecessors, the ABA 5 exceeded the statutory requirements. According to current EU legislation, the emergency brake assist in the Truck since November of 2018, must reduce the braking on standing obstacles, the speed of 20 km/h, in the case of moving obstacles, a collision is to be avoided. The ABA 5 can run within the boundaries of the system, an automated full-braking to standstill on static and moving obstacles, as well as an automated full-braking on moving people up to a vehicle speed of 50 km/h.

The driver remains in the responsibility

Overall, the ABA 5 like its predecessors is a System to support the driver, minimize the risk of a collision and to reduce the consequences of an accident or to prevent this entirely. The ABA 5 is, however, no System to support Autonomous driving processes that enable the driver away from the traffic. Therefore, the driver is wearing – according to its legal obligation – to continue to any time the full responsibility for the safe operation of the vehicle. You mean: He needs to adapt his driving style to the traffic situation and constantly – in addition to all other driving tasks, especially distance and speed monitor.

His own assessment of the Situation in the following, the driver can, therefore, also in the case of a warning the ABA 5 by the accelerator pedal, turn signals, or Kickdown override and thus the warning or the automatic braking intervention to cancel. A full braking is not canceled. With regard to the in the past discussed deactivation of the Active Brake Assist is designed to be the fifth, as the fourth-Generation basically, and so technically sophisticated that this process is only in rare exceptional cases, even useful. In the fifth Generation, the driver can switch off the ABA also not a Hardware switch, rather, it would have to be specifically on the menu in the on-Board computer. In this context, internal investigations of Mercedes-Benz Trucks show that the driver shut off the systems in the rarest of cases.

Images: Daimler AG

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