Neue GLA Generation zeigt sich erstmals am 11. Dezember 2019


The new GLA-Generation of Mercedes-Benz, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer presented at the 11. December 2019 to present – for the first time, not with the audience, but this time only as an Online Stream. We have new Details on the model at the MFA2 compact platform.

New GLA Generation will be shorter

Compared to the predecessor, the new GLA is a Generation that is around 1.5 cm shorter and now has a vehicle length of just 4.40 metres – is gone but to 1.59 meters in height and has a wheelbase of 2.75 meters. The new dimensions are designed to provide more headroom and more space in the trunk. In the new model, you will be able to move for the first time, including the Fund-Bank longitudinal.

Visually does not differ from the GLA (H247) in the interior of the other compact models, with IT in its smallest expansion level of standard equipment is.

4MATIC drive with off-road package

Engine technically, the new GLA-Generation will be the drive units of the compact car platform, i.e., therefore, the M282 petrol engine from the cooperation of Renault with 1.33-liter engine with up to 163 HP, which transmission, both with seven-speed dual-clutch with manual shifting available.

In conjunction with 4MATIC drive is, however, expected that with the use of the M260 petrol engine that will have to do as the GLA 250 224 HP and 350 Nm and exclusively with the 7G-DCT is delivered. The all-wheel drive is offered with the Diesel variants, including the 150 HP or 190 HP Diesel with 2 liters of displacement and 8G-DCT. In conjunction with 4MATIC every new GLA receives the off-road package in the series.

Top of the range for the GLA-series H247 will, however, continue to come out of Affalterbach, and over 400 PS, with a GLA 250 e as a Plug-In Hybrid in the Pipeline should be.

Images: Julien Heintz

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