Erlkönig: Nächste S-Klasse mit weniger Tarnung unterwegs


Slowly, Mercedes-Benz, reduces the test-makers of the upcoming S-class, the Tarnstufe, even if you can see due to the ungetarnten A – to C-pillar as well as very little additional Details. The world premiere of the new series 223 is in the coming year.

One of the clearly visible Changes in the new series 223 are expected to be the first recessed door handles. To recognize is the current bar, rather a narrow (fully retractable). Whether the “invisible” door handles are standard features, or whether they can be ordered as optional equipment, is currently still unclear.

Other major Design Changes will receive the new S-class model series 223 also in the interior: the center console zukünftigein will receive a large touch screen, similar to how it was in the approach in the Vision of the EQS at the IAA in Frankfurt to see. The Central Display will probably take roughly a size of 30 x 40 cm. The MBUX System in the vehicle is a parallel to get a development (NTG 7 instead of the previous NTG 6) and probably with many new features offered.

The new S-class in addition to Level 3, highly automated driving. In the latest Generation of driver assistance systems, the sedan will be able to drive on the highway long distances completely independently. Furthermore, a new Airbag is to be expected Generation for rear-seat passengers.

On the drive side, we expect the electrification of each internal combustion engine – so Mild – and Plug-In Hybrid.

Images/Video: Jens Walko / walko-art.com

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