G-Klasse Rückruf wegen Kabelverlegung der Türen


Mercedes-Benz recalls currently on the vehicle model, the G-class from the year of production in 2018. Because of a possible faulty cable routing in the front doors. Are affected worldwide 11.528 vehicles, including 1.539 models in Germany..

Test the cable routing to the front doors

A faulty cable routing in the front doors due to various malfunctions – such as a limited function of the restraint systems, not unlocking of doors in case of an accident or a faulty position of the eCall system in the Mercedes-Benz G-class can occur.

Recall in Germany 1.539 models

In the context of the recall, the cable routing is checked on the front doors and, if necessary, the replacement of the line sets made. The affected holder will be in writing to be contacted about the possible duration of the workshop stay no data are available to us – we expect, however, approximately 2-3 hours.

Icon images: Daimler AG

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