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In Qualifying for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi was able to secure Pre-world champion of the season, 2019, the Briton Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes silver arrow-the coveted Pole Position ahead of team-mate Valtteri Bottas (+0.194). To start, place three Red Bull Pilot Max verse came to fall (+0.360).

Behind the Top 3 pilots in Abu Dhabi were able to position the Ferrari driver C. Leclerc (+0.440) as well as S. Vettel (+0.560), followed by A. Alban to the Red Bull (+0.903) and L. Norris in the McLaren (+1.657 seconds).

The Top 10 complete D. Ricciardo in the Renault (+1.677), C. Sainz to McLaren (+1.680) as well as (!) N. Hulkenberg (+1.931).

For Valtteri Bottas, it runs in Abu Dhabi, however, is less good than it looks: After you had carried out in Brazil already has a motor exchange in whose service the car and there is a Gridstrafe in purchase had to take, had it on Friday as a precautionary measure, again with a completely new drive unit for the Finns. Bottas received in Detail a new internal combustion engine, a new MGU-H and MGU-K as well as a new Turbo. Bottas will start the race from the very back. Thus, the Ferrari drivers and Red Bull benefit.

Further results of the qualifying in Abu Dhabi, and thus on the theoretical starting positions 11 to 20 for tomorrow’s race:

Images: Daimler AG

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