Diebstahlwarnung von Mercedes PRO connect unterstützt bei Fahrzeugverlust


Christmas is coming and the revenue associated for the online shipping is the strongest Season of the year. The Surprise succeeds, it is allowed to go in the delivery, nothing wrong. A Plus of safety for the transport vehicles of a digital theft alarm Mercedes PRO connect, the commercial connectivity and fleet solution from Mercedes-Benz Vans. With the Service, it is possible to determine at any time the Position of a vehicle, which can assist in the event of a theft, the enlightenment.

Enhanced Anti-Theft Protection

A vehicle leaves a pre-defined area (Geofencing) or the burglary and theft alarm in the vehicle is active, it will inform the fleet Manager about the Mercedes PER vehicle management Tool immediately. A timely investigation into a theft of possible fees can be minimized for a transition vehicle or even cost for the purchase of a replacement vehicle is eliminated. Also savings on the insurance may arise. The theft alarm is part of the value-added package “Efficient fleet management” and can be activated in Germany until the end of 2019 free of charge for twelve months. In addition to the Large Van Sprinter the anti-theft warning for defined areas also for the Midsize Vans Vito and eVito as of the production date of may 2019 and March 2019 is available.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Mercedes PRO is the digital service mark of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Including the division bundles all existing and future commercial services on a digital platform. As an offer for fleet of Mercedes-optimized PRO the communication between the fleet Manager, vehicles and drivers. The networking solution which allows online orders to control and vehicle query information, such as location, fuel level in the tank or maintenance intervals, virtually in real time. Their benefits range from minimized downtime through proactive maintenance and repair management to clearly processed data for the economic analysis. Of the web-based Service fleet to benefit from small business to large customers.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Vans

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