Throughout the 18 months of the work of restoration of Mercedes takes-Benz Classic the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster from the year 1960 until you can present it on the occasion of the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart, the vehicle is in a absolute Top condition for the first time to a wider Public.

Piece of cake: 300 SL Roadster, factory restoration

Factory restoration: origin is the goal

The dream car in “Mercedes blue” tint 335 with red leather (1079) in the interior and light grey top (708) with a then-optional (removable) Hardtop in blue (335) not only has “matching numbers”, but after the factory restoration by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Fellbach is also for sale. The price for the restored model, but it is only available on request, where it will exceed the million mark.

Piece of cake: 300 SL Roadster, factory restoration

New car condition, after restoration

The Roadster – which is currently on a visit to RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart in hall 1, is not available in our on-site review, only really in new car condition, but has – as far as we could see no defects, and can easily compete with vehicles from the new car production, or even trump.

In addition to numerous chrome elements on the exterior, the extremely good finish of the model, we noticed in front of everyone, which even in fair lighting, no criticism is deserved. Scratches, dents, blemishes, rust, clear failure display. Some of the new cars paint has quite a worse condition than the here and now perfectly restored model. Here, therefore, the goods in the right hands and the right decisions for the restoration had taken.

Piece of cake: 300 SL Roadster, factory restoration

Piece of cake: 300 SL Roadster, factory restoration

300 SL Roadster: one of the most sought-after classic Mercedes-Benz

The Roadster in the model series W 198 II is 1.420 kg by the way, exactly 125 kg heavier than the coupe version of the legendary “Gullwings” of the 300 SL. In terms of the engine, the Roadster offers identical 215 HP / 158 kW from a four-stroke Otto engine with direct injection. As with the Coupé, the Roadster carries a tubular space frame as a supporting structure, which, however, was modified in the area of the doors and the rear. In the case of the rear axle, the open-top version is even a single-joint Swing axle with compensating spring.

The top of the 300 SL Roadster is under a flap behind the Seats and is operated manually with a few simple steps to. The model was produced from 1957 to 1963 and was at that time with the Roadster-soft top for around 34,000 euros. A total of 1,858 units of the Roadster were produced.

Piece of cake: 300 SL Roadster, factory restoration

By the way: a quite interesting focal point around the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, you can also find on the pages of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Club of Germany e. V., issuing, as well on the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart in hall 10 and more than 300 worldwide members can count.


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After the cancellation of the Geneva motor show, Mercedes-Benz its early year presents new exclusively digital, and moved the presentation in a Stuttgart Studio. The date for the press conference remains on Tuesday, 3. March 2020 at 08:45, however, will be about the own mercedes me Media Portal.

After the cancellation of the Geneva salon: Mercedes presented exclusively on the Internet

GLA 250 e, CLA 250 and GLA 45 4MATIC+ as well

In addition to the updated E-class sedan and T-model up to and including E 53 – Mercedes-Benz with the GLA 250 and CLA 250 e car, two other compact hybrid models introduce. Similarly, one shows the GLE 63 (S), 4MATIC+ Coupé and the GLA 45 4MATIC+ the Affalterbach-based. Please note: all Details and images with the E-class model of care, there is still, on Tuesday, may 3. March to 09:00 p.m. our Blog online!

After the cancellation of the Geneva salon: Mercedes presented exclusively on the Internet

The exclusive presentation of the new models prevents us from even that, of course, to look at the vehicles in Detail and to obtain information and insights around each of the new technical components. The extent to which something is ever to be rectified, remains currently questionable – nevertheless, we hope the producers stick to the important trade fair appointment in the spring of the year, in Geneva, to continue.

Of course you will look at Mercedes if the Notformat a Premiere is exclusively on the Internet at all detrimental – in our opinion, it is an independent and individual image coverage in any way helpful.

Scheduled Media Talk will be streamed to the Internet

Another digital Highlight of the Geneva motor show scheduled Media Talk “Motorsports & Sustainability” will take place in the Studio and is also seen on the Mercedes me media to. Markus Schäfer, member of the management Board of Daimler AG, group research and Mercedes-Benz Cars development, Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, Lewis Hamilton, the six-times formula 1 world champion and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One, and Nyck de Vries from the Mercedes‑Benz EQ formula E Team are discussing sustainability in motorsports and the transfer of technology in the series development.

Images: Daimler AG

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On the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart Lorinser Classic shows Puch G models from the Swiss military, have restored the company from Waiblingen. The former military vehicles offered a good basic substance.

Vehicles with long wheelbase

The Lorinser restored Puch models – actually more Pickups for the transport of people – all have a long wheelbase. The longitudinal mounted benches offer space for up to six people. While the body received a complete Overhaul, is the drive technology already in great condition. The 230 GE models with a petrol engine and 116 HP / 85 kW have an automatic transmission and have exceeded the 100,000 miles mark, mostly just.

Restoration of the Puch 230 GE models

Of the original G color remain when restored Puch little to be desired. Lorinser has the models in different colours revised, for example, some with a Matt black Finish with new canvas roof and contrast-modulated colors, incl. red colored faux leather seats. As a result, the models show in the style of Restomods a modified classic, incl.- LED work lights on the Bumpers, and a winch with a hitch.

PUCH models at the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart

If you look at the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart on the price tags of the models, the initial admission is usually up to the year 1993 – of the substance, the models are ready, but literally in mint condition locally for purchase. At prices of around 47-50.000 Euro with ausweisbarer VAT is obtained but also a model, whose body has not only been re-painted.

According to Lorinser Classic was blasted the underbody dry ice and preserved, but additional wheel arch extensions installed. Also new is a roof made of fabric, wheels with All Terrain tyres as well as a new locking system. Also worthy of note is the new, upholstered seats as well as parts with polyurethane coating, as well as newly designed LED headlamps are but. In sum, a quite appealing product in a very high quality of workmanship. In front of all the seats in the rear – incl. Single strap system for the rider – comes the high manufactory to claim the Classic division of Lorinser for the expression.

The different brand name Puch G or Mercedes-Benz G-class resulted, incidentally, from a former agreed-upon distribution of responsibilities between Magna and Mercedes-Benz was the car in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Yugoslavia and its successor States (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia/Herzegovina), great Britain (W 461), and in Parts of Africa the site as a Puch G, in all other countries than Mercedes G sold. The division ended in the year 2000.


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Attentive readers should not know about the vehicle already, which is the Mercedes-Benz customer center shows currently only on the Facebook page, but also in the customer entrance area of the plant in “Sifi”: a Mercedes-AMG E 63 4MATIC+ with a special paint in the color code “MB039” – designo Mauritius blue metallic.

designo optional equipment according to customer’s request

This is the issued AMG model and not a vehicle “of the shelf”, but a special request coated single piece of designo Manufaktur Mercedes-Benz Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen, Germany. The changes from the factory, refer here to both the exterior, as well as on the interior of the Performance vehicle.

Masterful editing for a customized result

In addition to the special paint finish in designo Mauritius blue metallic, the interior with a two-tone seat facility was ziehrnaht in Nappa macchiato beige / black with Contrast in blue to match the exterior paint is provided. In addition, only the sill with a lighting in blue color, but in addition, the steering Wheel with the blue leather parts were not. One example of many, which is independent of the official price list available from the factory – and a vehicle like no other created.

A corresponding designo equipment according to the customer request, opens up to almost unlimited customisation options for the customer-new vehicle. The processing of the individual solutions is done masterfully by hand on site prior to delivery.

Advice in the Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen, Germany as well as in the customer centre in Bremen

A necessary advice for a unique vehicle by means of a designo equipment Mercedes-Benz is currently in the Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen, Germany as well as in the customer center in Bremen. The consulting offer custom paint, special leather sizes, or seat adjustments included in the process, as well as even technical requests, such as to a second phone in the vehicle.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Customer Center Sindelfingen

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Auch mit der neuen Generation des GLA Modells bietet Mercedes-AMG ein Performance-Modell an. Zur Auswahl steht der GLA 45 4MATIC+ mit 285 kW / 387 PS (480Nm) sowie als GLA 45 S 4MATIC+ mit 310 kW / 421 PS (500 Nm), jeweils mit vollvariablen Allradantrieb mit AMG Torque Control sowie DCT 8G Doppelkupplungsgegetriebe.

Zwei Leistungsstufen verfügbar

Mit dem GLA 45 (S) 4MATIC+ Modell bietet die Affalterbacher nun ein Kompaktmodell an, welches sowohl für den Wockenendausflug in die Berge, wie auch für eine flotte Runde auf der Rennstrecke taugt. Wie auch in den anderen Kompaktvarianten stehen hier zwei verschiedene Motorisierungen des 2 Liter 4-Zylindermotors zur Verfügung: Schon das Basismodell bietet 285 kW / 387 PS an – und dabei mehr Leistung, als beim Vorgängermodell. Die S-Variante zeigt mit 310 kW / 421 PS noch mehr Performance. AMG verweist in der Pressemitteilung dazu gern nochmals, das der Vierzylinder-Motor der momentan stärkste in Großserie gefertigte Antrieb ist und dabei den Vorgänger noch um 30 kW / 40 PS überragt. Das maximale Drehmoment stieg parallel von 475 auf bis zu 500 Newtonmeter.

Gegenüber dem 35er Modell ist das Triebwerk im 45er Modell um 180 Grad um die Hochachse gedreht, d.h. Turbolader und Abgaskrümmer befinden sich in Fahrtrichtung gesheen hinten an der Seite der Schottwand zum Innenraum, wobei die Ansauganlage vorn positioniert ist. Diese Auslegung ermöglicht nicht nur ein flacheres Frontdesign des Modells, sondern verbessert auch die Luftführung mit kürzeren Wegen und weniger Umlenkungen (sowohl für die Ansaug, – als auch auf der Abgasseite).

Technisch identisch zu den anderen 45er Kompaktmodellen

Technisch gleicht das Modell hingegen größtenteils den anderen 45er Varianten im Kompaktsegment von Mercedes-AMG: vollvariabler Allradantrieb AMG Performance 4MATIC+ mit AMG TORQUE CONTROL mit neuen Hinterachsgetriebe, welches über zwei Lamellenkupplungen verfügt. Geschaltet wird mittels AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 8 G Doppelkupplungsgetriebe. Der verbaute Twin-Scroll Turbolader sorgt für optimales Ansprechverhalten bei niedrigen Drehzahlen mit hohem Leistungszuwachs im oberen Drehzahlbereich.

Die Welle von Verdichter- und Turbinenrad ist wälzgelagert, dadurch wird die mechanische Reibung im Turbolader auf ein Minimum reduziert. Der Lader spricht daher noch spontaner an und dreht schneller hoch – maximal mit bis zu 169.000/min. Der maximale Ladedruck liegt bei 2,1 bar.

Den Sprint auf die 100 km/h läuft das Basismodell innerhalb von 4,4 Sekunden, das Topmodell sogar innerhalb von 4,3 Sekunden. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit wird bei 250 km/h, bzw. beim S-Modell bei 270 km/h abgeriegelt. Die RACE START Funktion ist Serie.

Das neue AMG Fahrwerk bildet die Basis für den stabilen Geradeauslauf und das hoch dynamische Kurvenfahrverhalten mit geringer Wank Neigung. Gleichzeitig konnte der Komfort gegenüber dem Vorgänger gesteigert werden. Längs- und Querdynamik sind perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt. Sämtliche Radführungsbauteile wurden dazu grundlegend überarbeitet, um eine höhere maximale Querbeschleunigung bei gleichzeitig einfacher Beherrschbarkeit im Grenzbereich zu erreichen.

An der Vorderachse kommt eine McPherson-Konstruktion zum Einsatz. Die Radführung übernehmen je ein Querlenker unterhalb der Radmitte, ein Federbein und eine Spurstange. Die spezielle Achsgeometrie verringert die Antriebseinflüsse auf die Lenkung für hohen Komfort und agiles Handling. Der neue Querlenker aus Aluminium reduziert die ungefederten Massen und ermöglicht so ein sensibleres Ansprechen der Federung. Die Bremssättel an der Vorderachse sind radial verschraubt, eine Technologie aus dem Motorsport für mehr Stabilität. Der Fahrschemel ist starr angebunden und versteift damit den Vorderwagen zusätzlich.

Die 4-Lenker-Hinterachse ist über einen Hinterachsträger ebenfalls starr und damit besonders verwindungssteif mit der Karosserie verbunden. Pro Hinterrad gibt es drei Quer- und einen Längslenker sowie spezifische Lager. Diese Konstruktion garantiert ein Höchstmaß an Fahrstabilität und Agilität.

Adaptive Verstelldämpfung AMG RIDE CONTROL mit drei Modi

Mit der adaptiven Verstelldämpfung AMG RIDE CONTROL kann der Fahrer zwischen drei unterschiedlichen Fahrwerkregelungen wählen. Das Spektrum reicht von komfortbetont bis sportlich orientiert. Das System arbeitet vollautomatisch und passt die Dämpfkraft an jedem Rad je nach Fahrsituation dem Straßen- und Fahrzustand an. Dies geschieht in Millisekunden stufenlos in einem weit gespreizten Dämpfungskennfeld. Die Folge: Abrollkomfort und Agilität werden gleichermaßen erhöht.

Standfeste Hochleistungs-Bremsanlage

Die Hochleistungs-Bremsanlage sorgt für standfeste Verzögerung und kurze Bremswege. Beim Basismodell umfassen an der Vorderachse 4-Kolben-Monoblock-Festsättel die 350 x 34 Millimeter großen Bremsscheiben, an der Hinterachse 1-Kolben-Faustsättel die 330 x 22 Millimeter großen Bremsscheiben. Die Scheiben sind innen belüftet und gelocht, um die Wärme besser abzuleiten und Bremsfading auch bei extremem Einsatz zu verhindern. Die grau lackierten Bremssättel tragen einen weißen AMG Schriftzug.

Das S-Modell und das Basismodell mit optionalem AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Paket werden mit einer noch größeren Bremsanlage verzögert, die mit 6-Kolben-Festsätteln und 360 x 36 Millimeter großen Bremsscheiben an der Vorderachse ausgestattet ist. Hier sind die Bremssättel rot lackiert und tragen ein schwarzes AMG-Logo.

Lenkung mit spezieller Zahnstange und variabler Übersetzung

Die geschwindigkeitsabhängige, elektro-mechanische AMG-Parameterlenkung unterstützt mit ihrem direkten Einlenkverhalten eine sportliche Fahrweise. Sie verfügt über eine spezielle Zahnstange mit variabler Übersetzung und zwei Kennlinien: Je nachdem, welches Fahrprogramm der Fahrer gewählt hat, vermittelt sie ein sportlich-straffes oder ein mehr komfort-betontes Lenkgefühl. Die starre Lagerung im Integralträger bindet die Lenkung noch besser an die Karosserie an und erhöht so die Lenkpräzision.

Die sechs AMG DYNAMIC SELECT Fahrprogramme „Glätte“, „Comfort“, „Sport“, „Sport +“, „Individual“ und „RACE“ (Serie bei S-Modell, für Basismodell im optionalen AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Paket enthalten) ermöglichen eine große Spreizung der Fahrzeugcharakteristik von komfortabel bis hochdynamisch. Dabei werden zahlreiche relevante Parameter verändert:

  • Antrieb: Gaspedalkennlinie, Schaltzeiten und -zeitpunkte in den Ausprägungen Reduced, Moderate, Sport oder Dynamic
  • AMG DYNAMICS: Agilisierungsfunktionen wie Allradregelung, Lenkungskennlinie und ESP® Funktionen in den Ausprägungen Basic, Advanced, Pro oder Master (Serie bei S-Modell, für Basismodell im optionalen AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Paket enthalten)
  • Fahrwerk: in den Ausprägungen Comfort, Sport, Sport+
  • Abgasanlage: Klang und Ausprägung der Soundfunktionen Balanced oder Powerful

Als Feature im Rahmen der AMG DYNAMIC SELECT Fahrprogramme verfügt der neue GLA 45 4MATIC+ über AMG DYNAMICS.


Fahrer und Beifahrer finden im Interieur auf profilierten Sportsitzen eine fahraktive Sitzposition mit festem Seitenhalt, optional sind die AMG Performance Sitze bestellbar. Die serienmäßige Polsterung in der Kombination aus Ledernachbildung ARTICO und Mikrofaser DINAMICA schwarz ist zeitlos und setzt mit den roten Doppelziernähten AMG typische Akzente. Passend dazu abgestimmt sind die roten designo Sicherheitsgurte und das Zierelement des Instrumententrägers in AMG Carbon-Optik. Auch die verchromten Lüftungsdüsen werden durch einen roten Ring aufgewertet. Alternativ steht eine Polsterung in Ledernachbildung ARTICO nevagrau/schwarz mit Doppelziernaht mittelgrau und Zierelement Aluminium mit Längsschliff hell zur Verfügung. Hinzu kommen als Wunschausstattung vier Lederpolsterungen.

Gelbe Akzente betonen Rennsport-Charakter

Beim S-Modell ziehen sich gelbe Akzente durch den Innenraum. Serienmäßig sind hier außerdem das AMG Performance Lenkrad in Leder Nappa/Mikrofaser DINAMICA mit gelber Kontrastziernaht, gelber 12-Uhr-Markierung, AMG Lenkradtasten und AMG Logo sowie die Ambiente Beleuchtung an Bord.

Die Mittelkonsole in Klavierlackoptik mit serienmäßigem Touchpad enthält bei allen Modellen ein weiteres Bedienelement mit zusätzlichen Schaltern, mit denen sich das 3-stufige ESP®, der manuelle Getriebemodus, die adaptive Verstelldämpfung AMG RIDE CONTROL und der optionale AMG Real Performance Sound steuern lassen.

MBUX Infotainmentsystem erweitert um AMG spezifische Anzeigen

Beim Kombiinstrument kann der Kunde im GLA 45 (S) 4MATIC+ Modell zwischen den drei AMG Anzeigestilen „Klassisch“, „Sport“ und „Supersport“ wechseln. Besonders markant ist der „Supersport“ Modus mit zentralem, runden Drehzahlmesser und balkenförmigen Zusatzinformationen, die sich links und rechts vom Drehzahlmesser befinden: diese reichen perspektivisch dreidimensional bis in die Tiefe des Hintergrunds zu einem künstlichen Horizont (und man bereits aus den anderen 45er Modellen kennt). Über das AMG Menü kann der Fahrer hier verschiedene Sonderanzeigen abrufen wie Ganganzeige, Warm-up, Set-up, G-Meter, Race-Timer und Motordaten. Auch das Touchscreen-Multimedia-Display betont mit individuellen AMG-Anzeigen wie der Visualisierung der Fahrprogramme oder Telemetriedaten die dynamische Ausrichtung.

Serie im S-Modell ist das AMG Performance Lenkrad mit Lenkradtasten sowie AMG TRACK PACE, was auch optional für das Basismodell erhältlich sein wird. Mittels Augmented Reality Funktion wird auf dem Multimedia-System sowie auf dem optionalen Head-up-Display die Ideallinie einer gespeicherten Rennstrecke eingeblendet.

Eine AMG Abgasanlage sorgt, wie auch in den anderen Kompakt-Performancemodellen, für einen entsprechende akustische Untermalung des Modells: von ausgewogen-dezent bis emotional-sportlich. Die Kennfelder werden dazu drehzahl- und lastabhängig über eine Abgasklappe gesteuert. Optional ist hier AMG Real Performance Sound erhältlich, was mittels einen Sensor im Motorraum ein Klangerlebnis über die Lautsprecher im Innenraum bietet.

Details zur Verkaufsfreigabe sowie zur Markteinführung liegen uns – wie auch der Grundpreis des Modells – noch nicht vor, reichen wir aber nach, sobald verfügbar.

Übrigens: Auch die Kollegen von berichteten bereits über das neue Modell – ggf. auch mal einen Blick wert.

Bilder: Daimler AG


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The glove compartment is home to the new security dimension for the passenger: In the place of this small storage area the Mercedes-Benz engineers bring an Airbag – one of the novelties of the brand at the International automobile exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main from 10. to 20. September 1987. This Innovation added as a coherent block, the previously established restraint systems from Mercedes-Benz, the driver Airbag and the belt tensioner. With the additional Airbag for the front passenger, the Stuttgart-based brand offers a protection for the occupants, the time in the world no other manufacturer offers.

Premiere of the passenger Airbag first in the S-class saloons and Coupés of the 126 series. These are from model year 1988 with the new special equipment can be ordered, which is only available in combination with the driver-Airbag, in Germany 4.617 DM. The driver’s Airbag alone costs 2.348,40 DM.

From 1979 to 1992-built Generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-class is definitively one of the pioneers of the Airbags. Because the driver’s Airbag first offered in the model series 126. Mercedes-Benz has been providing this ground-breaking solution for the passive safety of 5. to 15. In March 1981, the international automobile Salon in Geneva. Thus, the Stuttgart-based brand is the world’s first manufacturer who introduces the 1971 Patent pending System Airbag in the automotive Series production. The driver combines an Airbag with a belt tensioner for the front passenger. In the price list, the driver Airbag will be available from July 1981, he is in the 126 series for 1.525,50 DM available. Already in January of 1982, the System for all Mercedes-Benz passenger car models for the price of 1.570,70 DM available. In October 1992, drivers Airbag and Anti-lock braking System ABS car, finally, to the standard equipment of the People with the star.

The 30 years ago, presented at the IAA passenger Airbag is starting in September 1988 also in the models of the 124 series – the later E-class available. He made a name for itself as an effective protection technique in terms of passive safety and car to August 1994, together with head restraints in the rear standard equipment on many Mercedes-Benz Passenger. From the start, the manufacturer stressed that the passenger Airbag supplements the protection provided by the three-point safety belt, but in no way can replace. The belt is mandatory at this time already, since 1976, since 1984, their failure to comply will be fined.

The combination of both protection systems provides for a significant increase in passive safety, such as Tests with dummies to show: By the combined System, seat belt with pre-tensioners and front passenger Airbag belt the risk of injury in the chest and head area compared to the safety with pre-tensioners alone, about one-third more reduced. Be assessed in the Tests and in particular the impact of the accident on the tissue (Viscous Tolerance Criterion, VTC) and the head (Head Injury Criterion, HIC).

1987: the idea of the airbag for the front passenger

Five Kilograms Of Safety

In comparison to the three kilograms of heavy Element by the driver airbag, which is housed in the steering Wheel, the weight of the in the place of the glove compartment built-in unit of the front passenger airbag in the S-class model series 126 of five kilograms. This is partly due to the fact that because of the larger distance between the Airbag and the human body, the volume of the life-saving air bag almost tripled, it must be: It is in the S-class 170 litres instead of 60 litres for the driver’s Airbag.

In principle, the technique of 1987 presented the Innovation, however, it resembles the tried-and-tested driver Airbag: If the above the gearbox built-in triggering device (“Crash Sensor”) detects a serious accident, it triggers the two of the Airbag housed inflators. This produce made of pelleted solid fuel to a gas that inflates the Airbag abruptly. Its shape is selected so that it protects the passenger from an impact, both on the dashboard as well as on the A-pillar.

The trip unit detected collisions, and determine their Severity on the basis of two predetermined Thresholds. The first threshold is exceeded, triggers the device first of all the belt tensioners. When you Reach the higher threshold of the front passenger activated Airbag. The two gas generators, as ignition at a distance of 15 milliseconds, so that the air bag from the inside rubberized polyamide fabric filled with a controlled pressure increase. The vehicle electronics also checks whether the passenger’s assigned seat, or free. Because if the Sensors in the seat and into the belt buckle with a free seat display, and will not trigger the passenger Airbag in an accident.

1987: the idea of the airbag for the front passenger

Continuous research for the security

The passenger Airbag is an important element in the continuous process of safety development at Mercedes-Benz. The first testing of a comparable restraint systems for the front passenger starts at the Stuttgart-based brand almost two decades prior to the introduction in series production. So, in 1971, Hans Scherenberg, member of the management Board of the former Daimler-Benz AG and head of overall development and research reported earlier in the year, on-going testing of the development Department: “The passenger, who was protected by a waist belt and air bag, meets all of the requirements of the specifications.” As a reference, the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, of which the first regulations on 1 serve. March 1967, be adopted for the model year in 1968. 1975 Mercedes-Benz shows at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main the current state of research on the Airbag. Strap is presented with an “air bag for driver and front passenger as a possible Supplement for safety”.

1987: the idea of the airbag for the front passenger

The Airbag is

The Airbags for the driver and front passenger through the industry quickly, as a life-saving technology. Since the Airbag modules, through the continuous work of the engineers getting smaller and smaller, they can also be placed in other Places of the vehicle. To achieve, for example, a comprehensive protection in lateral collisions: Mercedes-Benz introduces in 1993, a side Airbag as a study, in 1995, the Sidebag comes as optional equipment in the first E-class on the market. More innovation steps Windowbag (1998), Head-Thorax side airbag (2001), Kneebag (2009), Thorax-Pelvis-Sidebag, Beltbag and Cushionbag (2013), as well as adaptive Airbags for the driver and front passenger with two-stage, time-delayed triggering, depending on the sensierter Severity of the impact and the adjusted seat position. So Mercedes protect-Benz passenger cars, their drivers and passengers today, with a sophisticated System of up to twelve Airbags.

Source: Daimler AG

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Towards the end of 2019, the works Council was able to complete the week – long and difficult Talk with the plant management of the site in Untertürkheim around the production of the eATS – the electronic drivetrain. The agreement – for a own Production in the factory itself was now decided in February, officially.

eATS production starting in the year 2024 in Untertürkheim: the vertices

Mounting is a total system in Untertürkheim
In the negotiations, it was the local works Council at the site in Untertürkheim is important to ensure in the first step, the sizes for the production of the electric drive train, which represent the bulk of employment. This is before all the foundry sizes of eATS-housing, pressing plant sizes of slat carriers, as well as the manufacturing sizes of slat carriers, i.e., the sun and planetary gears, hollow gears (ring gear and planet carrier), as well as electro-hydraulic controls. In addition, the machining of engine and gearbox cover, and the eATS – housing, as well as the End-mounting of all components – including the electric Motor, for Untertürkheim secured.

Start the eATS production for 2024 planned
According to the information of the works Council in Untertürkheim will be required for the necessary Work of 350 workers. In addition, the production of the eATS will secure existing jobs in the development and the indirect areas of the plant, including the logistics, quality control, and maintenance. With the installation of the equipment should already be in 2023, began the Start of production is planned for 2024 – with a maturity of 10 years.

As a eATS the drive unit of an electric motor is referred to vehicles. The eATS consists of three Main subsystems: an electric motor, a power electronics and the transmission portion for transmitting power.

In combination with the internal combustion engines, the battery factory, as well as of the fuel cell and now to the eATS of the site is issued, therefore, quite broad and has, in the future, anchored all the drive technologies in Untertürkheim, what is the tail and center of excellence for propulsion technologies to be justified.

Icon images: Daimler AG

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Already in mid-March, 2020, Mercedes-AMG is the sales release for the GLS 63 4MATIC+ model (X 167). The largest member of its SUV family-the Affalterbach-based, with a total length of 5,243 meters is expected to be on 12. March 2020, to be ordered, although we had expected the variant first, back in February. The first deliveries should start in may 2020.

GLS 63 4MATIC+ the new Generation (X 167)

The new GLS is 63 4MATIC+ Mercedes-AMG in the new series with the most powerful motorization available, has been offered as a GLS model: in addition to the 4-Liter V8 Bi-turbo engine with 450 kW / 612 HP and a built-in EQ you can in addition start generator Boost with 16 kW / 22 HP for the extra Boost, and assumes parallel-hybrid features.

Other equipment Highlights of the AMG Performance 4MATIC all+ all-wheel drive with fully variable momement distribution, AMG speed shift TCT 9G automatic transmission, AMG ACTIVE bearings RIDE CONTROL on the Basis of AMG RIDE CONTROL and an electronically-controlled AMG rear-axle locking differential and dynamic engine.

612 PS + 22 PS EQ Boost for the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+

The base price for the new GLS 63 4MATIC+ variant, which, so far, in the previous generation for 140.241,50 Euro incl. VAT was available, but there will be a price increase. Under 150.000 Euro the new model will be the basic equipment probably not available, at least is expected to. A reason for the price increase is due to the increase in the Performance of the V8 Bi-Turbo engine with EQ boost functions could be used.

Wheel sets up to a maximum of 23 inches from the plant

As standard, the Mercedes-AMG GLS rolls painted 63 4MATIC+ by the way, on the tantalum grey and high-sheen 21-inch light-alloy wheels in 10-spoke Design. For further customization, six other wheel variants with up to 23 inches in diameter are available. A still more expressive stand-alone character of the GLS gets 63 including the optional AMG Night package.

The AMG-specific Radiator grille with vertical struts in shiny chrome and is presented in the GLS greater than in other AMG models. It characterizes in connection with the expressive bonnet, the heavily contoured power domes and the standard-fit MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, the front view.

Add to that the redesigned AMG front apron with built-in Jetwing in high-gloss Black, the front splitter and the Jetwing, trim strip in silver chrome, as well as the sporty, distinctive side air intakes.

Images: Daimler AG

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The old town of Nuremberg, virtually noiseless with an E-car experience, is now offering the new service “Explore Nuremberg”. The service is the combination of E-mobility and experience.

E-vehicle experience can be booked online

On the online platform of the service of Mercedes-Benz, you can’t book a vehicle of his choice, but in the second step, a suitable experience, for example, a table in a country Inn, an Appetizer in the Imperial by Alexander Hermann or a different experience with a stay in the Metropolitan region of Nuremberg. Simply define a period of time, E-select vehicle and experience choose. Free of charge the service is not, however, in the combination of the offer, but certainly unique.

A joint project of Mercedes-Benz, as well as the Nuremberg branch

Explore Nuremberg is a joint project of Mercedes-Benz AG and the Mercedes-Benz branch in Nuremberg. The partners share the special interest in the development of the Metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The Nuremberg branch as a holistic customer Advisor and Networker in the Metropolitan area. As it is, to realize a concept, the innovative mobility and tourist Highlights from the Metropolitan area, connects to E-mobility make it sustainable with strong partners to experience the.

The exclusive E-fleet vehicles from smart and Mercedes-Benz are available. The offer ranges from smart EQ fortwo model available as a convertible – with a 60 kW and a reach of close to 155-160 km for two persons, on the C 300 de and E 300 EN variant – each as a Plug-In Hybrid & model T to the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC with 408 HP and a range of over 400 km. For more individuality, E-scooter and E are also Bikes available. For more information you can find on

Images: Mercedes-Benz AG

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Dr. Markus Keicher (51) is 1. April 2020, the production and location responsibility of the Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde GmbH apply. Currently Keicher production and site Manager of the Mercedes – Benz plant in Bremen. He succeeds, Sebastian Streuff (45), the since 1. February 2020 the process of transformation at Mercedes-Benz Vans is in charge.

Markus Keicher, we have managed to attract a very experienced production colleagues for our location in Ludwigsfelde“ Dr. Ingo Ettischer, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans Operations. “I look forward to working with Markus Keicher. With his Expertise in various production areas in the world, he has the right skills to our work for the open type of Sprinter to successfully continue.“Further, he said: “I thank Sebastian Streuff for his outstanding commitment and successful management of the plant in Ludwigsfelde, which was at the start of the new Sprinter two years ago, the Benchmark in the global production network.

Keicher studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and earned his doctorate at the Imperial College in London. He joined in 1998 through the Junior program in the then DaimlerChrysler AG. According to various leadership and project management tasks in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin as well as in the Car production, maintenance, Technical Service, and production planning moved Keicher, 2011, in the Joint Venture BBAC to Beijing/China. There he was responsible for – from the ground-breaking ceremony of the building and the ramp-up of the first non-German engine plant within Mercedes-Benz Cars up to the ridge line. Starting in the summer of 2017, the engine production was Keicher at the Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim and acted as spokesman for the entire production network of the engines in the world, before he took over in September 2018, the production and site management in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. On the succession of Keicher in Bremen will soon be decided.

Streuff, since 1. February 2020, the Transformation Office in Stuttgart, Germany and directly reports to the head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Previously, Streuff was more than four years of site Manager and managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde GmbH. With the efficiency and transformation initiative, which was launched at the beginning of the year 2019 in the case of Mercedes-Benz Vans on the way, were already set important levers. The Initiative placed even more at Mercedes-Benz Vans to anchor, with the Transformation Office with a dedicated Organisation, with the three pillars Performance, Strategy and Transformation.

Source: Daimler AG

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