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Dubai Sightseeing: Top Tourist Attractions and Activites to Do in Dubai



Dubai sightseeing

Dubai sightseeing includes the building from Old Dubai to New Dubai that takes you from the technologies and architecture of ancient times to the architecture of the modern time. Dubai has nothing to hide but everything to entice the tourist that visits here. So, if you are also willing to plan for a Dubai trip and enjoy all the fun activities in Dubai, you must book Dubai tour packages from Roaming Routes.

Roaming Routes provides the most decent and less costly Dubai Tour Packages, which are properly organized. With these adequately managed tour packages, you can explore Dubai comprehensively. Since the places to visit and things to do are pre-defined, you can enjoy all instances properly. So, let us explore these parts.

Tour 5 Attraction of Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa

Among all the buildings and monuments in Dubai, Burj Khalifa remains the most exotic and famous building. This highest building in the world is comprised of 8 escalators and 57 elevators. The interior of the place is designed beautifully soaked in the combination of modern and ancient art. The building has everything from a swimming pool to a theatre and whatever a person would want to explore from a height. The most famous floor of Burj Khalifa is the 124th floor, also known as the observation deck since people come there to watch the view of the entire city.

2. Palm Jumeirah

The palm island of dubai

Palm Island is generally for those who are missing the beachside holidays at Beachfront Villa Rocky Point. The entire Palm islands comprise two artificial islands known as Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. This is a Palm tree-shaped island and one of Dubai’s most famous tourist places. If you want to view the real structure of Palm island, then you must take a helicopter ride. The high-rise skyscrapers can also help you observe the island’s shape, including Burj Khalifa. For exploring the island, you can take a speedboat and boat rental mount Dora and visit some attractions in the vicinity.

3. Desert Safari with BBQDinner

Dubai desert safari

Desert Safari can be counted in Both, a must-to-do activity in Dubai and the top attraction place. You need to make a prior booking for your Desert Safari and ensure that it includes the BBQdinner, which it generally does. Once you reach the Desert, you will be shifted in a 4×4, and from there, you will start enjoying the most thriving moments of your life with lots of drives, drifts, etc. After that, you can also go for a camel ride and observe the beautiful sunset from there. At last finally, you can enjoy the BBQ Dinner accompanied by some beautiful music and shows. 

4. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

Dubai Aquarium is amongst the best place to visit in Dubai. If you miss this place you will be going to, it is an integral part of the Dubai Trip. The Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are situated in the Dubai Mall, which provides you with an enthralling experience of the wildlife. The Dubai Aquarium is full of different kinds of species and marine life. This underwater zoo has a collection of the rarest species of fish and marine animals. A tunnel in the aquarium gives you the most enthralling experience since you will be able to watch the marine life on all sides. 

5. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the third tallest tower globally and a world-class hotel with high essence of royalty. This tower has a total of 56 floors which is open all around the year and serves delicious delicacies wrapped in majesty. It is one o the most expensive hotels globally that suit luxury in every instance. The interior is so well designed with the proper blend of ancient and modern form that it takes away the eyes’ attention. Being at the hotel even for 5 minutes is just worth it.

Things to do in Dubai

Now, let us explore the activities that a person can enjoy doing in Dubai.

  • Do Your Shopping at the Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is full of various things that you could take back home. Here, you will find everything, but you need to find the right stalls.
  • Explore the UAE history at Dubai Museum. If you want to know the history of Dubai, then walking through the gallery of the Dubai Museum in Old Dubai will introduce you to ancient Dubai.
  • Capture the Sunset Pics at the Dubai Frame. The Dubai Frame 150 meters high gives a marvelous view of the sunset that needs to be explored in Dubai.
  • Visit the Underwater World of the Dubai Aquarium. The underwater Zoo and aquarium of the Dubai Mall is a must to do an activity; there, you can observe the different species of marine life.
  • Watch the Dubai from the Top of the Burj Khalifa. The 124th floor of Burj Khalia, an observation deck, offers you to view the city.
  • Relax in the Sun at Jumeirah Beach. Jumeirah Beach is the most famous beach in Dubai where you can have sunbathe and enjoy the golden sand.
  • Enjoy Skiing at Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is for both those who know to ski and those who are doing it for the first time. Get your trainer on the spot and start skiing, although it is for the first time.

What to Eat in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its highest towers, the coolest parties, and the mouthwatering, delicious foods you can have there. So, let us quickly have the list of the food items you can try on your Dubai Trip. So, go through the last as follows.

  • Luqaimat
  • Knafeh
  • Camel’Turkish Cocktail
  • Samboosa
  • Margoogat
  • Chebab
  • Machboos
  • Khubz

Hence, there are many more for the foodies in Dubai. But these are some of the must-try dishes that a person on a Dubai trip must try.


Therefore, Dubai Tour will be a perfect tour only if you know where to go, what to do, and what to eat. If you do not know these things, you might invest your vacation days in deciding the destinations to visit. So, to get free from all these hassles, you can rely on the Roaming Route,s which knows which places you need to see and what things you can enjoy doing. So, for better organized and cheap trips, book a Dubai Tour Package for Dubai sightseeing with Roaming Routes today.

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Here’s how you can reach Umling la(19300ft).The world’s highest motorable road.




Here's how you can reach Umling la(19300ft).The world's highest motorable road.

After the news came out that BRO has built world’s highest motorable road Umling la at 19300ft.I literally want to go there,So after spending a lot of time doing research on the internet and finally knowing the unknowns,I have knitted this article.

What is Umling la?

“La” means pass,So umling la means Umling pass.

Highest point- Umling la top-19300ft

Where is Umling la?

In a major feat, the Border Roads Organization (BRO) has constructed the world’s highest motorable road in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, passing through Umling La Top at a height of over 19,300 feet.

The feat was achieved under “Project Himank” of the BRO. Being close to Hanle, the 86-km-long strategic road through Umling La Top connects Chisumle and Demchok villages,These villages are very close to the India-China border in eastern sector.

It is not available on any of the maps as of only way is to rely on GPS Coordinates(32.6930000,79.2718610).

How to reach Umling la?

There are 3 routes to reach:

Route 1: Fukche-Koyul-Demchok-Umling la

Demchok is a village split into two during war in 1962 half of it being lost to china.People cross over to visit relatives and army does not interfere under normal conditions.Being one of the most beautiful routes in entire Ladakh region the drive from Fukche post to Demchok will leave you speechless.The sunlight falling on those colourful mountain walls is just amazing.The montage of hues and river Indus will follow all through.

You can literally see Chinese roads on the other side of the border and you also see Chinese troops carefully observing your every move from their outposts, as the border is just a stone throw away at some places.

This route takes you to Umling la top from opposite side to the normal route.


1.There is a lot of ambiguity about this route like Demchok, Fukche and other places will require rigorous special permits(In written duly signed by District Magistrate Leh) in order to enter.

2.Only few people managed to travel on this route.This route is not taken as most of the people don’t know that this route exists and another reason being the chance of getting this special permit is 0.001%.

3.You can try your luck getting this permission when you are accompanied by Army men or someone like an IAS officer.Although you have permission you can be turned away from any checkpost if there is an ongoing tension on the border.

4.There are certain roads that leads you straight into china,So be carefulI and also choose your guide/driver who have been to these places.There are some ex-army scout tour guides who had good knowledge of roads and also negotiate well at the check posts.

5.Even after going through all the bureaucracy you will not be allowed to click any pictures, but you can click some pictures from inside the vehicle.

6.Incase you get that special permission please feel free to ask me about plotting the route(This route is not available on any maps).

This is perfect example to the quote “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Route 2: Hanle-Photi La-Umlingla

This is the most preferential route of all.Turn on your GPS and head straight from Leh to Photi la via Hanle. Hanle is famous for its Observatory and this is one of the few places in India where you can witness Milky way Galactic Center in its full glory.

The regular permit which you obtained from leh is enough for this route, you don’t need that special permit.But civilians are not allowed to descend to Demchok from Umling la top as it requires special permit.

Route details:

Hanle to Photi la-35km

Photi la to Photile village-22km

Photile village to 1st bridge(on Indus river)-7km

1st bridge to 2nd bridge-5km(2nd bridge is under construction so you need to cross the nalla)

2nd bridge to Umling la-35km(25km mattled and 10km under construction)

Route 3: Hanle-Ukdungle-Umling la

This route takes you directly to 2nd water crossing with out crossing 1st bridge.Normal permit is enough for this route.

Route details:

Hanle to Ukdungle-32km(dirt trail)

Ukdungle to 2nd bridge-28km(2nd bridge is under construction so you need to cross the nalla)

2nd bridge to Umling la-35km(25km mattled and 10km under construction)

I have done all the hardwork in plotting the maps,I am providing the link to the map just click it and it opens straight away in google maps.Click on any of the predefined points on the map and click navigate to.Directions wont work for the red line on the map so you need to turn on your GPS and custom navigate yourself on that red line carefully inorder to reach Umling la.Please be careful not to get lost as there are several misleading routes on your way to Umling la.

Google Maps Link

Weather Conditions:

The temperature remains in minus degrees through the year.So you do your packing right.


The nearest place you can find accommodation is Hanle.

Best Time to go:

Go as soon as the roads open in June or just before the road closes in October. There are two reasons for this:

1.Less touristy during this time and you will have it all for yourselves.

2.As the 2nd bridge is under construction and also you need to cross other nallas on the way to Umling la, you may find it difficult in peak summer(July&August) as Indus river will be in its full glory.


1. Make sure you have the right permits to travel in certain areas.

2. Acclimatize well before you go to Umling la or else you will find it difficult and better carry supplementary oxygen.

3. The nearest filling station is Karu which is nearer to leh, So make sure you have enough reserves.

I am expecting that pending road will be completed by end of 2018 under normal circumstances and by 2019 it will be flooded by tourists.

Everything mentioned here is based on information made available till December 2017.In future one can expect all the roads to be completed and maps can be available.

Frequent Searches Leading To This Page:-

umlingla pass temperature, umlingla pass, umlingla top, umling la pass, umlingla top road

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A windy early spring day at Steveston Pier in Richmond




A windy early spring day at Steveston Pier in Richmond

Steveston Pier

It seemed like a lovely sunny day as the sun’s first rays shone across the buildings in the city.

Steveston fishing pier has always been a tourist destination, but it is also home to lots of local gems for shopping and dining. Here are photos of our day in Steveston to inspire your next visit!

We hopped in our car before noon and headed out to Steveston Pier, trying to beat the crowds that would likely show up in the afternoon. We managed to quickly find a parking spot in the shade, but as soon as we stepped out of the car we were greeted by great gusts of wind. It seems like we had just caught the tail end of the winter cold. Luckily we were dressed in our down jackets and so were relatively well protected.

Instead of heading towards the pier where the crowds always gather, we walked away from the pier towards the residential area. This area is a lot calmer, where locals walked their dogs, went for morning strolls, or just sat on a bench to gaze at the sparkling waters reflecting the sunshine. Boats navigated gently and slowly through the water despite the gusting winds, and children road on piggybacks as they asked their parents “are we there yet?”

Sunny days always drew crowds to Steveston Pier, so when we were ready for lunch, we steered clear of the restaurants along the pier, where lineups were visible from a block away. We went to a small sushi spot on the second floor, an eatery that is easily missed (or doubted) if the person wasn’t a local. In case you ever stop by Steveston Pier, give Shintaro Sushi a try! After a light lunch, we also stopped by the local dessert shop Something Sweet for an Injeolmi Thick Toast with roasted almond slices, mochi, injeolmi powder and honey.

An outing to Steveston Pier is a relaxing trip if you know where to go, we hope you get a chance to visit this scenic spot in Richmond!

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Keeping up with decorum is a two-way road that goes the two different ways. For instance, the main explanation individuals will generally recruit a limousine is the decorum and the direct of the driver. They are not just the drivers that have obtained astounding abilities at driving with productivity, however their demeanor towards clients and difficult stretches have acquired the blessing of numerous clients. 


However, you need to remember that appropriate conduct should be compensated with equivalent way of behaving also.

For that reason we have arranged limousine manners for the riders. Consequently, you can utilize them next time when you enlist the Chicago Limousine… 

The clothing regulation isn’t only pertinent for the driver, yet the client riding it too. In spite of the fact that when we say clothing, it doesn’t need to be a conventional one. What we mean is that you ought to dress flawlessly. Guarantee that you are wearing open to attire that is without stain, press sd, and, all the more significantly, clean. The most effective way to ensure that you have not done anything messed up is to dress as indicated by the event. In like that, you won’t ever overlook what’s really important.

Continuously know the correct method for getting in and escape the limousine. Ordinarily, the majority of the escorts will quite often help you get in and escape the ride. Yet, you need to consider your development. Thus, you need to rehearse. You simply need to mind your development to avoid something inverse to what you have conducted yourself.

At the point when you enlist a limousine, you are getting a vehicle as well as the driver with it too. The escort will be there to open and close the entryway for you regardless of which event it is. Notwithstanding, you need to remember that not allowing the escort to open the entryway for you is disapproved of. Considered a discourteous motion appears to give an off-base thought. In this way, you should not clear a path for get out.

At the point when the prospect of recruiting a transportation administration comes up, the most warmed theme thinks of it also. That is, whether to employ the limousine or simply the conventional taxi. While many take the biased and fairly subtle idea that a limousine is pricey into account and excuse the prospect of recruiting the limousine administration, we accept that there lie many variables that could simply steer the result of favor towards limousine.


Many People Tend To Stick To Hiring Limo in chicago. What’s more, There Are Many Reasons Why They Do What They Do. So how about we Check Them All Out…

The question of wellbeing:

Limo organizations will generally give clients agreeable rides with ensured wellbeing. In addition, these genuine limousine administrations employ learned, experienced, and guaranteed drivers for superb driving abilities. Accordingly, they won’t convey a help you will ever neglect.

Chauffeured ride:

The drivers of the limousine are typically referred to us as escorts. Almost certainly that they are adept at driving the limousine. However, limousines are generally liked for their way of behaving also. They are, regarding their demeanor, exceptionally accommodating and gracious. Drivers are thoroughly prepared and need to keep up with riding manners. Subsequently, one can say that they are taught in driving the vehicle and speaking with their clients. It makes the ride truly agreeable.


A large portion of the organizations depend on their reliability. What’s more, for what reason wouldn’t it! In a world that has gotten so quick, reliability has considered an excellence that very few can depend on. Be that as it may, the limousine rides are an alternate story. To these limousine organizations, these are the never-beginning issues. They plan the entire thing so successfully that they will confront no issue even with weighty traffic.


The issue of flawlessness is another pointer that has steered the result of favor of the clients heavier towards the limousine. Present day vehicles are about flawlessness. What’s more, limousine organizations will generally keep themselves refreshed concerning accommodation. With the most recent establishment of administrations, to the impeccably cleaned outside as well as inside, what you will profit of while employing the limousine is flawlessness.

A decent Limo administration close to me ought to continuously have an enormous armada of limousines appropriate for various occasions. As we definitely realize that there are various varieties of limousine accessible.

From a party transport for an extreme night to a Lincoln limousine for exquisite occasions, a vehicle for accommodation, to the exemplary long-followed limousine for class, the more the choices, the better possibilities you will have of tracking down something that suits the event, your spending plan and the quantity of travelers. A few variables impact your judgment.

  • The quantity of travelers.
  • The financial plan.
  • The occasion.
  • The time.

Presently, will it change the experience of riding the limo?

Envision you need to hit up a party with your mates. You chose not to end your party, even to the method of the club. There are very nearly 8 individuals together, so you chose to enlist a limousine party transport. Yet, tragically, the limousine organization doesn’t offer a party transport administration.

Isn’t it dispiriting? This is the motivation behind why you ought to generally go for the administrations that give broad and client-situated administrations. Here are a few manners by which it can work on your experience.

You will have the opportunity to pick your vehicle relying upon the quantity of individuals going with you, the setting, and the hour of return.

You can decide to be particular. Indeed, you read it right. You can pick any of the cars after an exhaustive investigation so you find the one that suits your necessities impeccably.

You can decide on an auto with every one of the helpful apparatuses and gives their client the assistance they want through the liberation of conveniences. It will assist your involvement in being mind blowing.


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