Why You Should Use Super Matt Laminates: Benefits & Applications


You might have many questions popping up in your mind when choosing surfacing materials for your home or commercial establishments. Though there is a wide range of materials to choose from, Super Matte Laminates are arguably top of the list for many different reasons. If you wonder why this is so, here is all you need to know about them, from benefits to applications.

If you have a home remodelling project lined up soon, super matt, high-pressure laminates can be your go-to choice, for they are friendly on the pocket and a treat to the eye once installed. They remain in great demand for the elegance they add to wherever installed, whether outdoor or indoor. They are ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications. Choosing them over other materials, such as granites, marbles, ceramic tiles, hardwood, and plywood, will let you reap innumerable benefits.

If the selection between glossy and matt finish laminates leaves you baffled, you have landed on the right page as it will disclose why the latter outweighs the former in many respects. Before deep-diving into why they are superior to other laminate options available in the market, let us first understand super matt laminates.

As super matt laminates are more of a natural look, you may apply them for softer appeal. They are desirable to produce lower contrast in darker colours. As for their texture, it is velvety, which makes them ideal for numerous applications. You may incorporate them in your home or commercial settings for a rustic or traditional look. Below are a few benefits of high-pressure, matt laminates that you would love.

Benefits of super matt laminates:

  • Since they have velvety textures, scratches and imperfections are not visible easily.
  • The durability of these laminate sheets is also beyond question as they can last for more than ten years.
  • Whether you want a stony, wooden, or velvet finish, matt laminates are the ultimate solution.
  • Versatility makes them a perfect choice for multiple settings, such as homes, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.
  • Like other laminate options, they come in a range of attractive and eye-catching colours and patterns.
  • Super matt laminates retain their colours for years after installation without additional maintenance costs.
  • They provide a smooth and subtle surface finish with no shine.
  • They make your space look more natural and earthy.
  • There is no better surfacing solution than super matt laminates for darker appeal.
  • Another great feature of super matt laminates is that they defuse the light and add richness to your space.


Applications of super matt laminates:

  • Bedrooms and Living rooms

Incorporating super matt, high-pressure laminates in your bedroom and living room will make the ambiance feel soothing and relaxing. And if you choose Royale Touche laminates, the best laminate brand in India, it will be worth each penny spent and every effort made towards uplifting your interior decor.

  • Wardrobes

Wardrobes in the home are used carelessly. It makes them prone to unwanted scratches, and hence they need a durable and scratch-resistant surfacing material, such as matt finish laminates. They are an economical and aesthetic material to give your wardrobes a trendy look.

  • Doors

Doors need extra protection against scratches as they are most frequently used in homes, housing busy and joint families. If you choose super matt, high-pressure laminates for them, the benefits you reap will be worth your investment. These laminates do not just provide your doors extra durability but added aesthetics and elegance. Once installed, they make marks and scratches less noticeable.

  • Kitchen cabinets

Matt finish, decorative laminates are designed to last long. So, they are ideal surfacing solutions for kitchen cabinets. They are durable and appealing enough to fit in all sizes and types of kitchens. Unlike glossy surface finish, matt finish laminates make fingerprints and smudge less noticeable, almost invisible. You can blend them well with glossy kitchen tops. If you want to transform the look of your kitchen, you can visit Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India.

  • Worktops, Desktops, and Table tops

Super matt, decorative laminates are aesthetic enough to provide your work, desk, and table tops with a contemporary, fresh look. They add to the overall decor of the space without costing much in the pocket. Here, they can be used to create a muted texture for a pared-back scheme. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. For this reason, they are on the top priority list of most interior designers.

  • Flooring

Flooring is no exception either. Matt finish, decorative laminates offer innumerable options for floor designs. The reason why they are preferable for flooring is that they are completely lustreless and non-shiny. Their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic makes them applicable for flooring in domestic and commercial establishments alike. Moreover, they can match well with all furniture types and interior designs. That is why you should choose super matt laminates for your home design.

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