Who Was Gama Pahalwan The Man Google Doodle Is Featuring Every year on 22/5?

Today Google Doodle honored the Indian wrestler Gama pahalwan, also known as “The Great Gama”. But not many people, especially millennials, are familiar with Gama Pehelwan. Gama was an undefeated wrestling champion and was popularly known as Rustam-i-Hind. He went undefeated in a 52-year career and is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. In this article, we will tell you some interesting facts about the life and times of Gama Pehelwan. He was born on 22 May 1878 in Jabbal (Amritsar), Punjab. Gama Pehalwan’s childhood was full of hardships. After the death of his father and grandfather, he lived life with his uncle, who was a wrestler.
1. Gama spent his life with his uncle, who was a wrestler.

2. Gama Pahalvan became interested in wrestling and exercise when he was young.

3. Gama Pahalwan trained over 10 hours a day and fought in the arena with 40 wrestlers a day to increase his strength.

4. When Gama Pahalvan was 10 years old, Gama took part in the competition and won first place, distinguishing herself among 400 people.

5. Gama Pahalvan did 5,000 sit-ups and 3,000 push-ups every day during training.

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