Fortnite maintains top spot in Playstation’s most downloaded list


Fortnite has been competing against other popular battle royales such as “Apex Legends” and “Warzone” for a while now. Both of these games also came in the top five most downloaded free-to-play games on Playstation. Still, they did not surpass Fortnite for number one.

Apex, just having its “Apex Legends Global Series“, which was a massive $1 million prize tournament held in Sweden, has been at the top of its game. Apex currently holds itself in second place, directly below Fortnite.

Fortnite’s ability to hold people in, and keep bringing old fans back is amazing. With the release of its new “Zero Build” game mode back in March, the game has seen a massive fluctuation in its player base.

Popular streamers such as Tfue and NickMercs have been seen streaming the game again, after not playing Fortnite for years. Its large rise in numbers has made it not only one of the most played and most downloaded games but also one of the most-watched games online again.

Fortnite’s next move

Fortnite has been surprising the gaming world lately, bringing in loads of new players every single day. With their recent announcements of LAN events, such as “Dreamhack: Sweden“, the game only looks like it is going to keep growing.

Fortnite’s ability to still have the most downloaded game amongst others is nothing short of amazing.

This is exciting for Fortnite players alike, and gamers in general alike. As one game keeps growing, it grows the gaming community as a whole. This is also proof that a game can always make a large comeback with its player base.

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