How To Get Admission in MBBS Course in Keele University UK?


Keele University UK

Keele University School of Medicine strives to graduate excellent clinicians. The admission process is designed to select students with abilities and characteristics that demonstrate their potential to be excellent physicians. Here, you should know how to get admission in MBBS course in Keele University UK.

2022 Admissions at Keele University UK

We Advise Those Who Think of Applying That Website to Be Updated as An Update.

Applicants are responsible for meeting academic and other requirements before applying. If we later determine that you do not meet the entry criteria, your application will be canceled, regardless of how advanced the process is.

The University will first contact applicants via the email address you used in your UCAS application. It is your responsibility to regularly check this email account and ensure that university messages are not redirected to the spam / junk folder.

Keele Admission Policy

The information on this page complements the university’s admission criteria and policies with specific details about the MBChB program.

ABILITY TESTS For MBBS Course in Keele University

All home applicants (i.e., applicants with home student status) must take the University Clinical Ability Examination (UCAT) * in the year of application (i.e., if they applied in October 2021 to enter 2022) and they will also have to hand over the roles. & liability (R + R) form. Note: We do not rank entrants on UCAT scores, and the single cut-off score is the same for all entrants, regardless of whether they took the test at home or at a test center. Please also look at the selection process information, as Keele may use UCAT results in addition to limited circumstances in deciding which applicants to interview.

Applicants with a GPA of less than 2280 or a GPA of 4 will not be considered.

All applicants with international payment status are required to take the Biomedical Entrance Test (BMAT) *** instead of UCAT. This is used instead of the R + R form to select for the interview. ****

All graduate applicants who do not meet our A-Level or equivalent requirements must take the Australian School of Medicine Entrance Test (GAMSAT). Admission to GAMSAT does not exempt you from the UCAT or BMAT requirements listed above.

Application Routes

All applications must be submitted through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). We do not accept direct applications. The application deadline is expected to be postponed to October 20, 2021 or September 2023 for entry in September 2022. This period may change due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. However, we do not accept applications after the UCAS deadline.

Get Admission in MBBS Course in Keele

We reserve the right to reject incomplete or incorrectly completed applications. Your UCAS application is required to declare all completed qualifications, including those who failed or received low marks. It is your responsibility to provide the correct details of all skills. If you miss the qualification required to enter the course, we will consider that you did not / did not receive it and will reject your application. If you publish incorrect information (for example, grades, dates) that does not correspond to your certificates, we will cancel your application and notify UCAS of the incorrect declaration.

UCAS runs a similarity detection service for personal statements. If we see evidence that part of your personal statement has been copied, shared with other applicants, or provided by a third party, we will withdraw your application. It is not possible to determine if someone else has copied your statement, so be careful who you show your personal statement to.

Keele University has two programs that lead to getting an MBBS degree. Your application must include the Keele University Ranking and the relevant course code MBBS in UK for Indian students.

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