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5 Interior Design Tips for Small Apartments

Looking for interior design tips for small apartments? With the pandemic hitting highs throughout the world, experts predict that for the foreseeable future, we’ll all be hanging out at home.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, the last thing you want to be looking at is a drab space. We’ve assembled the best tips for interior design for small spaces to ensure that your little apartment doesn’t look like it.

1. Use Right Lightning

When decorating a small apartment, it is important to use the right lighting to help make the most of the living space. Installing wall sconces is a good way to provide general lighting while not taking up too much space. To add a bit of personal style, hanging pendant lights in your living room can also add some height, making the room appear larger.

For task lighting, opt for spotlights over a wide area of light as they will direct light to a specific point and not flood the area with too much illumination. Last but not least, ensure to use of LED lights for energy efficiency.

2. Get Rid of Stuff

Most small spaces in affordable flats are limited in storage space, so it’s important to approach furniture selection and organization with a practical mindset. If a piece doesn’t serve a specific purpose, consider getting rid of it. This could provide more space for what’s truly necessary.

Be mindful of the items you keep, aiming to select pieces that are multi-taskers or can do double duty. Things like ottomans with storage, benches that provide extra seating, and tables that convert to larger surfaces when needed can be valuable.

3. Be Creative with Storage

Add space-saving furniture, like storage ottomans, or install wall-mounted shelving to maximize wall space. Take advantage of vertical space and use an empty wall area to hang hooks and shelves. Try to think of ways to use items you already own, such as towel bars or magazine racks, to store your things.

You can also collect creative containers, like baskets and bins, to keep items hidden and organized. Finally, think about furniture with double uses—opt for smaller pieces that can serve multiple functions, like turning a coffee table into a storage bench into an open-air shelf.

4. Keep the Floor Clean

Start by keeping the colour scheme light to keep the space looking open. Vinyl and laminate flooring can be a great choice for ease of maintenance. Lastly, use doormats and shoe racks at every entryway to help cut down on dirt coming through the apartment and make your life that much easier.

5. Choose the Right Rug

Make sure the size is proportional to the dimensions of the room, ensuring maximum visual appeal. If possible, choose a light-coloured rug to ensure that the floor appears larger and doesn’t close in the space.

Finally, when selecting the rug to match the overall interior decor, consider the fabric and material. Ideally, choose a rug that is both functional and stylish. Layering a decorative rug is a great way to accent the room without compromising functionality.

Interior Design Tips for a Better Living

Small apartments can be chic and comfortable with the right interior design tips. Make clever use of furniture and accessories, consider ambient lighting options, and utilize wall and storage space for extra room. With a few simple tips, transforming small apartments into spaces that are comfortable and stylish is easier than ever.

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