ADAC and Renault: Special leasing for the Zoe

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ADAC and Renault: Special leasing for the Zoe

The demand for electric cars continues to rise – this is not only evident in the sales figures of the manufacturers, but also in private leasing. That is why ADAC and Renault are extending their cooperation, in which almost 1,900 customers have leased a Zoe.

By the end of September 2019, ADAC members can use a Zoe with a leasing rate of at least 99 per month. "The fact that we are on the pulse of the times and offer exactly the right offer, prove countless online access to the supply pages, an enormous test traffic and of course our sales figures," said Jennifer Beckmann, Directorate of Marketing at Renault Germany AG. And Ludger Kersting, Managing Director of ADAC Service GmbH, has stated "that the interest in electric cars is just beginning to awaken among our members". Leasing is a great way to get started with electromobility.

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