Allradantrieb 4MATIC für die Diesel-Varianten der Kompaktmodelle


Soon Mercedes will be offering-Benz other engine choices in the compact car class with 4MATIC. In Detail, from 29. October 2019, the Diesel variants are expected to be, for the first time with all-wheel drive can be ordered.

Diesel variants with 4MATIC all-wheel drive for all compact models

To our knowledge, Mercedes-Benz starts 29. October 2019, the sale share for the 4MATIC variants with Diesel drive. In Detail, the following then A 200 d 4MATIC as well as A 220 d 4MATIC as a compact sedan (W177), sedan (V177), as well as B-class (W 247), each combined with 8 DCT automatic transmission. The CLA Shooting Brake, the engine is expected as well, with the sale of the release is carried out in parallel.

And among us: we, the 4MATIC variants in the Diesel – ago, at least, the 220 d with the torque – the pure front-wheel drive unique. Drive on all two axles is much more useful, than to run the engine only on the front axle act.

Prices will probably start at a minimum of 36,000 euros

The prices of the all-wheel drive will raise the basic price for the respective engine, so the model is in the compact as a A 200 d 4MATIC with 8G-DCT with a minimum of 36,000 euros incl. To calculate VAT, or as A 220 d 4MATIC variant with at least about 39.000 Euro. For Details, you have to wait until next week and we are rich of course then immediately.

Icon images: Daimler AG

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