Are e-cars cheaper in the long term? – Environment

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Are e-cars cheaper in the long term? - Environment

In addition to the topic of coverage, costs also play a decisive role for e-cars. Because Stromer still are despite the state premium still significantly more expensive than their Combustion counterparts. But how does the overall balance develop over five or ten years?

This question is, the online marketplace for car repairs, pursued. For this purpose, the acquisition and maintenance costs of passenger cars with comparable features from three vehicle segments were analyzed for ten years each.

A VW Up and a Golf with power and gasoline propulsion were examined, from the upper class a Porsche Panamera 4S and a Tesla Model S Long Range. Clear case: Especially in the micro-car department, e-cars are currently still around 50 percent more expensive than burners.

In the compact segment, the difference is only about 28 percent. Inverted world in the luxury class: Here the Porsche outperforms the Tesla by around 24 percent. In terms of upkeep, e-mobiles of all sizes – with the exception of insurance – are ahead in all areas.

Conclusion of Autobutler: "Taking into account acquisition and maintenance costs, an electric car in the micro and compact class after five years is still around ten percent more expensive than a gasoline engine with similar performance." After ten years, however, the costs in the compact car class would have been more or less balanced, and the compared e-mini car would be even less than three percent cheaper.

And the upper-class Stromer? He is in the lead during the entire period – at least as far as the costs are concerned.

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