B-Klasse: Armlehne im Fond zukünftig kein Serienumfang


Since the change of the year 19/2 the armrest in the rear in the B-class (BR W247) is not a standard equipment in more and is only in connection with the furnishing of the rear longitudinal seats, adjustable available. This is true in principle, the production of the model from December 2019, in theory – but in practice only the models, which (probably) at the earliest until January 2020 before they leave the factory.

Change year 19/2 attacks from December 2019

For B-class buyers, the vehicle is still produced in December 2019, it runs the same as before – even if the vehicle is already produced in the change of the year, 19/2: the model continues to receive in series the armrest in the rear seat (Code 400), without the this in ever ordered has been and this equipment combination was. Reason is, it has not been implemented, the changeover in the plant.

More standard equipment – at no extra cost

The best part: customers affected by this meets this “fact” even without any more cost, even if you are legally not entitled to these facilities. Customers, which the rear seats longitudinal had adjustable ordered, received, however, no reduction in the purchase price.

In addition to the fold-out armrest in the rear of the feature for the B-class also includes two integrated cupholders for drinks.

Icon images: Daimler AG

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