Bosch relies on the fuel cell

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Bosch relies on the fuel cell

For many experts, there is no way around the fuel cell when it comes to the question of the mobility of the future in passenger cars and the transport industry. Bosch is now entering series production of the small power plants. Support comes from Sweden.

Fuel cell vehicles are electric vehicles that generate their electricity on board. Hydrogen is converted into electrical energy. Bosch sees long-term potential in the billions with its mobile fuel cell technology business and expects that by 2030, one fifth of all electric vehicles worldwide will use fuel cells on board. The technology company focuses on the further development and production of so-called stacks, which form the heart of a fuel cell. In 2022, the first production-ready components are to be available.

"With all its power and expertise, Bosch opens up the possibility of our fuel cell technology to gain a foothold in the automotive market, and Bosch is the best partner we can imagine," says Powercell CEO Per Wassn, a Bosch partner from Sweden in mass production.

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