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“Bring The Pain” Announcement Catapulted Stellar based Token Vertnetwork (VERT) over 1000%

“Bring The Pain” Announcement Catapulted Stellar based Token Vertnetwork (VERT) over 1000%

The upcoming combat sports series “Bring the Pain,” featuring fighters and coaches, clips quickly garners millions of views and establishes a brand agreement with RDX Sports. Vert Network, which streams “all-premium films, music, and sports,” will soon be airing “Bring the Pain.” Vert Network creator/film producer and former combat sport athlete James Lee Hardman established a partnership with RDX.

Numerous accessories are available from RDX, including combat gloves, sparring gloves, children’s grappling gloves, and a wide variety of punching bags. By connecting through brands, fighters worldwide are getting a reflection of the truth and emotion of fighting, allowing current RDX consumers to tunnel through the new collaboration with “Bring the Pain.”

Hardman has previously competed in various forms of combat sports and has done so for some time. He trusts RDX because he believes the show will be a successful launch for it. For those entirely engrossed in the sport and creating a lifestyle around it, the combat sports world encompasses more than fighting. Vert is now broadcasting the three teaser videos for the series. Each teaser exposes viewers to committed fighters and coaches while outlining how they created their gyms from the ground up, all of which an up to the fundamental characteristic of these fighters: their passion for what they do. Cable networks transmit fights as a public event, but “Bring the Pain” provides a unique look at the realities of most fighters and their backstage lives.

James Hardman is opening more avenues for combat sport athletes to connect by branding with RDX Sports. The fight world is enormous and continuing to grow. With millions of views to date, “Bring the Pain” will soon have even more fans because of the new partnership with RDX.

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