Daimler extended short-time work up to 30. April 2020

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Daimler AG is the since 6. April 2020, existing short-time work for the majority of their production in their Cars, vans and commercial vehicle plants as well as in administrative areas up to the 30. April 2020 to continue.

Daimler extended short-time work up to 30. April 2020

Short-time working in most of the production and management will be extended

With the extension of short-time work up to 30. April 2020, the company is responding to the far-reaching effects of the Corona Virus and the resulting in increasingly difficult economic and social conditions. Necessary basic functions as well as future topics and strategic projects continue to be excluded from the short-time working, to be able to after the crisis to start again.

Some of the production in selected areas will be taken up gradually again

In some of the selected works of coordinated ramp-up of production will be gradually implemented. This applies to from 20. April 2020, the first passenger Car Powertrain plants in Germany, followed by the Mercedes-Benz Car plants in Sindelfingen and Bremen, as well as the Van-works. During the staggered start-up of these works will be finished first, in 1-shift operation. Also the Truck and Bus plants will be from the 20. April step your production to resume. For the protection of employees, the company has made arrangements for infection prevention and a comprehensive package of measures with the works Council agreed. This includes Hygiene and cleaning Standards, and rules for behavior in the workplace.

Against the Background of the COVID-19-pandemic, the company had already decided in mid-March, the bulk of its production, as well as working in selected administrative areas in Europe for the first two weeks to break. It closed in Germany from the 6. April to 17. April 2020-two weeks of short-time work.

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