Daimler Trucks: E-Mobility Group lanciert umfassendes Ökosystem für den Einstieg in die E-Mobilität


The E-Mobility Group Daimler Trucks & Buses launched for Truck customers a holistic Ecosystem for the best possible start in the electrical transport logistics. A comprehensive range of consulting services and the development of appropriate charging infrastructure for electric Trucks belong to. The modular offer includes, in addition to the personal and individual consulting as well as digital applications that facilitate entry into E-mobility. In a first step the markets of Europe, North America and Japan are the focus. The advice is already being implemented gradually with the first customer.

Gesa Reimelt, head of E-Mobility Group Daimler Trucks & Buses: “As a pioneer in the electric mobility deployment, our battery-electric Trucks are already in the world in the intense practice. Thanks to the close exchange with our customers, we understood early on that we must think about the E-vehicle and beyond. That’s why we offer our vehicles on the mission profile and the needs of the customer tailor-made Ecosystem, including the provision of advice and charging infrastructure solutions. So we want to give our customers the optimal entry in the E-mobility.“

“eTruck Ready”App creates transparency for entry into E-mobility

At the Start of the IAA commercial vehicle show-the year 2020, Daimler Trucks also offers the “eTruck Ready”App is a free application that customers can check, what is the use of suitable profiles and routes for an E-Truck. The Smartphone App records the actual travel distances of a conventional vehicle: it captures speed, acceleration and altitude profile along the Route. Important parameters such as the load condition and the outdoor temperature can add to the fleet Manager subsequently in an individual web portal. From these data, the program determines the range and the estimated power consumption of a suitable E-Trucks from the Daimler Portfolio. So a realistic and meaningful-use profile for customers.

Individual advice: Route, charging infrastructure and the optimisation of operating processes

With the App, the determined route data form the basis for the customer advising the team of experts of the E-Mobility Group. The tailor-made advice, for example, includes information on possible route optimization for E-Trucks and the appropriate charging infrastructure. The experts can create a custom operating cost analysis and consider, among other things, public funding opportunities. Customers can make a fact-based decision-making. Also, while the use of electric Trucks, the team of advisors clients on the preparation and optimization of operating processes.

From Installation to maintenance: tailor-made charging solutions for customers

The charging operations for electric fleet vehicles are a key factor that needs to be integrated into the operating procedure. Therefore, a special focus of the consulting lies in the development and Installation of intelligent charging solutions. In close cooperation with external partners Daimler Trucks offers an analysis of the depots. Step-by-step, the consultant team defined, for example, for the individual use of suitable charging stations, as well as necessary extensions of the grid connection. Important factors such as place of loading and the load time are taken into account.

Intelligent Software for the control of the charging infrastructure

In the future, through the use of intelligent Software to control the charging infrastructure investment – and operating costs are further reduced. A crucial cost factor is the electrical mobility in the case of Truck fleets, the costs of infrastructure. This can be significantly lower if the charging device is designed to be the depot of the customer for a relatively low power utilization. Among the other important cost factors are the electricity costs. Electricity rates depend, among other things, to a defined performance requirements at certain times of Consumption. If the electricity tariff specified power is not exceeded at a certain time of day, costs can be saved.

The smart charging software manages the time-staggered Charging of the vehicles or the Charging with a lower charging power, in order to minimize the load on the network connection. The Software integrates the charging process is seamlessly integrated into the operating procedure. The vehicles will be arriving, taking account in particular of your planned departure loaded and then, if they are available.

Global E-Portfolio of Daimler Trucks & Buses

The heavy-duty Trucks Mercedes-Benz eActros with a range of around 200 km is in the context of the eActros “innovation fleet” in the intensive customers in Germany and Switzerland. The first customer delivery in 2018. In the USA, the medium-duty Freightliner eM2 and the heavy Freightliner eCascadia complete also currently field testing with customers. About 140 light Truck type FUSO eCanter are already in customer use in cities worldwide, including New York City, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon.

E-Mobility Group Daimler Trucks & Buses developed global E-strategy

Since 2018, the E-Mobility Group brings together the global Expertise of Daimler Trucks & Buses in the area of E-mobility and brand – and segment-defined across the strategy for electrical components and products. The E-Mobility Group prepared in analogy to the global platform strategy of conventional vehicles – a world’s unified electrical architecture. So, synergies can be exploited and investments are optimally used. At the same time, the E-Mobility Group offers a comprehensive Advisory service for clients with a focus on the entire Ecosystem. The goal is to make E-mobility also in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) economically. The E-Mobility Group is a globally active company, your employees work at multiple sites in a global development network of the company, among other things, in Portland, USA, Stuttgart, Germany and Kawasaki, Japan.

Daimler Trucks & Buses: a sustainable corporate strategy

Daimler Trucks & Buses is pursuing a sustainable corporate strategy, and aims up to the year 2039, in the triad markets of Europe, Japan, and NAFTA only new vehicles to offer the vehicle (“tank-to-wheel”) CO2-are neutral. Already by the year 2022, the vehicle portfolio of Daimler Trucks & Buses in the main sales regions of Europe, USA and Japan series vehicles with battery-electric drive should comprise. Until the end of the next decade, Daimler Trucks & Buses will have to be completed vehicle range with the addition of hydrogen-powered series-production vehicles.

Source: Daimler AG

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