Der neue Actros ist „International Truck of the Year 2020“


The new Actros convinces in daily use for more and more European transportation companies, on the other, as a winner of numerous Awards in the whole of Europe. The awards underline that the flagship of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, with a view to safety, efficiency, and connectivity to a new standard. The new Actros is the Truck of the 2020s.

The most important prize on the European level is the “International Truck of the Year 2020” Award. “With the introduction of the new Actros, Mercedes brought-Benz an ultra-modern Truck on the road, the the road to automated Driving the future of paving,” said the Jury Chairman Gianenrico Griffini justification. The panel, the commercial vehicle journalists from 24 countries, has highlighted next to the Active Drive Assist further innovation as the decisive factor for his vote, including advanced cruise control and transmission control, Predictive Powertrain Control, the full digital Human Machine Interface in the Form of the new Multimedia Cockpits, as well as the state of the art security systems, including the improved emergency brake assistant Active Brake Assist 5. Mercedes-Benz is in the history of the “Truck of the Year” Awards are not only the most excellent brand in General, but also with all previous versions of the Actros successfully in Europe’s most important industry competition.

Also, the “Ferdinand Porsche prize” of the Technical University of Vienna, an award with high beam force, which will be awarded to the leading automotive developers, paid tribute to 2019, the innovation of the new Actros: Prof. Dr. Uwe Baake, Director of development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, and Dr. Werner Lang, managing Director of MEKRA Lang GmbH & co. KG, were together for the development of the MirrorCam in the new Actros, which was first installed in a production Truck, and honour.

While the “Truck of the Year” Award to journalists and the “Porsche price” engineers and other products, said the competition of the “Truck of the Year in Austria – the Driver’s Choice” from the online magazine “1truck.tv” a Truck driver the sound. Around 6000 votes, the new Actros received here and moved it clear of his pursuers. That is not enough: The Truck could also win in other countries numerous other awards: the vehicle of more than 100 Spanish businessmen and truck experts has been chosen to be the “Camión de Año en España 2019”. The Catalan industry Association Transcalit gave the Truck the price “Innovation en el Transporte 2019”. The Irish magazine “Fleet Transport” presented the new Actros is the “Truck Innovation Award 2020”. And the Italian commercial vehicle magazine “Vado e Torno” declared the new Actros the “Sustainable Truck of the Year 2020”. For the Milan editors of the vehicle marks a “huge turning point that will have a lasting impact on the perception of Trucks and the way that transport will be in the future implemented”.

Source: Daimler AG

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