Die feine Form des Offenfahrens: im Landaulet


The combination of Tradition and Modernity made in November 2007, unveiled the Maybach Landaulet study, an in your era unique vehicle. The body variant is because of its rarity, a very individual and characteristic Design.

The combination of the rear folding roof and solid construction over the front seats in the Maybach Landaulet expresses a highly developed consciousness at Mercedes-Benz Cars for Tradition and values. Because the body shape of the Landaulets back far in the history of the automobile: in the first years after the – independently made – the invention of the automobile by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz in the year 1886 there are numerous Landaulets of the two brands.

Also in 1926, resulting Mercedes-Benz brand takes the Landaulet again, over the years, vehicles from the factory, and of the renowned coachbuilding companies of various types. In a Landaulet version last series, is available from 1965 to 1981, the model 600 (model series W 100). In addition, the company manufactures special vehicles in the second half of the 20th century. Century, three different Landaulets for the Vatican.

Trademark Folding Soft-Top

The Landaulet is one of the fine special bodies forms under the Car, where the roots of this body form are in the Coachwork. His license plate is “fixed and in a closed passenger compartment with a foldable canopy“ the Definition of Mercedes-Benz. In practice, this means sitting in a rear folding top over the rear seat that connects to a fixed structure or a massive cutting disc. Depending on the variant, the Chauffeur sitting in the open air, or – as in modern car bodies of this type usual – in a separate compartment in the limousine-style.

The choice between a closed and an open car, at least, always the passengers in the rear to change. You the Landaulet gives a lofty appearance: if the opulent canopy is pivoted to the rear. This selective openness is the viewer’s gaze on the people in the rear and the Landaulet the car makes mobile stage for an elegant and stylish appearance. Therefore, today use almost exclusively to high dignitaries of the form of this rare body. The top can be closed quickly – as a protection against the weather and Look alike.

Maybach Landaulet Study

The Maybach Landaulet study was created in 2007 on the basis of suggestions from the clientele of the Maybach, in which the Nimbus of Landaulet vehicles lives from the time of princely carriages and more. The vehicle is based on the Maybach 62 S. open roof, C-pillars and roof arches remain standing. This construction does not change the Silhouette of the luxury sedan, and the large doors and the complete interior with the seat configuration.

In the closed state, the black soft top of the Landaulets on is in the by the roof arches formed the roof frame and includes wind – and weather-tight. At the request of his passengers, the Chauffeur operates a switch on the centre console, whereupon it folds together and together with the integrated rear window gently in the rack stores, without this storage space limit very. The entire choreography of the Opening and closing of the roof runs fast, but without undue hassle and takes about 20 seconds. The Luggage compartment even with the roof open without restrictions at any time. The folded roof can cover of the Chauffeur by a fine leather tonneau cover, which is also the roof mechanism is beyond the Look and so is a closed image of elegance results.

Historical Maybach Landaulets

As the Landaulet will be carried out in the 1930s, several luxury cars of the Maybach brand. As was customary, the Chassis is provided with a body according to the individual Wishes of the customer. The buyers decide for the twelve-cylinder models of the Maybach 12, Maybach Zeppelin DS7 and Maybach Zeppelin DS8. The abbreviation of letters and numbers at the Zeppelin models for the V12 design of the motors (double-Six), as well as the engine displacement: of The from 1930 to 1931-built Zeppelin DS7 has a 150 HP (110 kW) engine with a 6922 cubic centimeter of engine displacement, from 1931 to 1939, produced the successor to the 200 HP (147 kW) of power from 7922 cubic centimeters of engine displacement refers to.

Not only statesmen and captains of industry in the Maybach Landaulets chauffeur. The audience effective appearance in this automobile, which presents his passenger as a fine exhibit in a fine box, whose cover is opened, excites professional self-promoter. So the family the best clubs in town-crown in 1930, can be, for example, a Zeppelin DS7 from the body shop Erdmann & Rossi with a Landaulet body, in Bordeaux-red paint as a management vehicle for the legendary Circus Krone provided. The elegant car with a long hood today is in the Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim issued.

In the Sinsheimer collection, a 1938 created Landaulet of 160 km/h fast Zeppelin DS8 can be found. The structure of this black-painted vehicle with a short hood from the body shop Hermann Spohn of Ravensburg took over. Spohn House body shop Maybach was only 20 kilometers away in Friedrichshafen.

Source: Daimler AG

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