Drive drives start at the 20. April A-Shift Operation

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After four weeks break, the Daimler AG will be forced already at 20. April 2020 to the production step of the way back up. So the drive works in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart to Untertürkheim initially in single-shift operation to accommodate the production, the Car plants in Sindelfingen and Bremen, as well as the Van-works to follow. Also the Truck and Bus plants will be from the 20. April step your production to resume.

If the short has been working for much of the rest of the production and the management of the car manufacturer from Stuttgart extended until the end of April 2020, plans for the locations in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, Hamburg and Berlin, for the area of the drive production in One-shift operation, starting from the 20. April 2020 to let the bands start up again. After that, the Car plants in Sindelfingen, Bremen, as well as the Van-works follow.

The company has already adapted to advance the global production and short-time work in Germany, the weak development of the business due to the Corona pandemic is not responding. In Parallel, investments have been reduced, even if the company in its future projects. In China, the business is established already back in business and all of the sales rooms open.

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